A car shipping guide   

If you are stumped on how to ship your vehicle, then this car shipping guide is for you. Whether you want to ship your car across the state or across the nation, it is important to stay organized. Right from acknowledging your shipping options to looking for the right shipping company, everything should be on track to give you the right peace of mind while shipping your car. The guide will help you in successfully shipping your car.

Make a budget to ship your car

Shipping a car may take anywhere between 2 days to three weeks depending on the distance, it has to travel. Sometimes the shipping duration may fluctuate depending on the road condition, weather situations and traffic. Hence, it is advisable to always add a day or two. Also make sure you book your shipment at least 1week before you get your car picked. While you book your shipment, check the timings with your shipping company.

Just like time, the cost of shipping also differs, depending on the distance, car being shipped, shipping option you have chosen and the time of the year it is. Hence, make sure you have a budget for it.

As a general rule, keeping all the factors in mind, you will be asked to pay anywhere from $100 to $1400 to get your car shipped. You can ask for a quote from a car shipping company before hiring them.

Find out how you want to get your car shipped

There are several shipping options available and everyone has a different price. Eventually you want your car to be shipped with complete safety. Hence, you should first decide if you want to get it shipped uncovered or enclosed:

Uncovered: It is a low cost option to ship your car and recommended for short distance travel. It is quicker as shipping companies have more open carriers in comparison to enclosed ones.

Enclosed: If you want to ship your car across nation or through rugged roads, with risk of dust or snow, then you should go for enclosed shipping. It is around 50% costlier than uncovered shipping, but the risk of any type of damage is lower.

Another important consideration here is whether you want door-to- door shipping or terminal-to-terminal:

Door-to-door: It is costlier but it will save your time and money in the long run. You can get it delivered to a particular address, so you don’t have to face any hassle.

Terminal-to-terminal: It is cheaper as it forces you to get your car at a terminal which can be miles away from your house.

Look for a reputed car shipping company

Car shipping company knows how to ship your car with precautions. Hence it is important to hire professionals for this task. You can mention your requirements on Shiply and get quotes from several shipping companies. Pick the one which is best suited for you and send them the details. Also check the license, complaint record and crash history of the company before hiring them. Click here to list your car shipping requirements on Shiply now.

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