5 Easy Steps To Spring Clean Your Garden Area

Spring has appeared, and it always comes along with a bunch of cleaning work. Although you may be prepared with all the necessary cleaning checklists for the season, have you considered the tools for cleaning your garden? Well, gardens are usually the open spaces in our house that always need special attention for cleaning.

It would be best if you looked upon some practical ways to clean the patio, tidy up the lawn and clear the weeds. Pull up your socks and get ready to make your garden the most beautiful one. We’ll share five practical and simple steps to get your lawn perfect for spring in this guide.

Let’s have a look at these steps.

Step 1: Clean The Furniture

Since you’ll be spending some quality time with your family during spring in the garden, make sure you clean the furniture. To get various garden furniture in a better condition, follow the listed tips.

  • Wood: A bristle brush could be perfect for removing all the dust and dirt that sits on the real wood flooring; along with this, you could also sand down the weathered spots by rinsing the wood off.
  • Metal: Rust is the main problem with this furniture, and it can be solved by grinding it and putting some rust-resistant paint over the floors. You may require a stiff brush to remove the harsh dirt particles from the metal floor.
  • Plastic: Ensure that you store these floors in a shed and use a warm soapy solution to clean them. Abrasive sponges can damage plastic floors, so you must avoid using these on the floor.

Step 2: Wash The Patio

There are greater chances of moss to occur in the patio, and to treat this problem; a moss-weed killer isn’t the right solution. You need to get a commercial patio cleaner, a stiff broom, and make a solution of warm soapy water. However, if you find it a lot of work, you may also call upon the cleaning services to get a pressure washer.

Step3: Bring Life To The Lawn

After you’ve done all the cleaning and washing of the lawn, you can initiate sowing some grass seeds on the bare patches. Also, mow the lawn consistently to grow back the grass. Besides that, using fertilizers would be best to get around the glory of the grass and overall garden.

Step4: Get Rid Of The Weeds

It is quite essential for  you to remove all the dead plants, twigs, and rake dead leaves from last season. Follow the tips mentioned below for removing weeds easily.

  • Ensure the soil is moist and damp before you remove weeds with your hand.
  • If you’re using the chemical weed remover, ensure that it’s environmentally friendly to prevent any lawn damages.

Step 5: Clean The Shrubs

It is always essential to prune your trees, flowers, and shrubs, encouraging flowering and new growth. With this, your garden will have a great look. Furthermore, it would help if you had all the sharp pruning tools for cleaning.

In The End

Cleaning the garden is vital during the season, and there are various methods of doing it. We hope that this guide helps you maintain your lawn well during the spring season.


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