The Defining Traits of Millennial Fashion

Each generation leaves its own mark on every industry. Well, millennials are no different. However, one area that is especially interesting to take note of is in terms of fashion. This is because this generation has pushed fashion – and the brands behind it – in a new direction. To understand just what these changes are and how they may impact the future, check out all of these highlights below…

An Increase in Gender Neutrality

These days, the line between what is considered feminine and masculine fashion is becoming more and more blurred. Women are wearing styles that have been traditionally masculine with greater frequency. Many men, too, are now less afraid of wearing colours and garments that used to be considered strictly in the domain of women. The same goes for jewellery as well. In fact, if you were to visit a North York tattoo & piercing shop, you would find that there are an equal number of men and women in line, waiting to get piercings.

A Rise in Individualism

Another thing that millennials are saying goodbye to is “stock” fashion. In previous years, it wasn’t unusual to find people of the same age group dressing in a similar manner. This demographic would often shop in the same place as well. This, however, is changing quite a bit.

As people are being urged to express themselves in a more authentic way, they are doing this through their clothes and jewellery. This means that they are often shopping at smaller, more independent clothes stores. Also, if you want to get your ears pierced, for example, you will find that there are a lot more jewellery options than before.

Function Over Style

At one point, fashion could often mean pain or discomfort. This was especially true for women. Millennials, however, tend to prefer comfort and function over sophistication, in many cases. This is what has led to an increase in trends such as “athleisure”. Millennials are more likely to prefer outfits that they can wear to a number of different settings.

It is this preference that is also slowly changing the corporate culture as well. Many workplaces are relaxing their dress codes quite a bit. This allows the younger generations to show up in clothes that they are actually comfortable in. Not to mention, these new regulations also ensure that people are able to express their individualism as well.

Faster Moving Trends

Just a decade or two ago, fashion trends could last a long time. At the very least, you could find a particular fad hanging around for one fashion season before people moved. These days, though, it isn’t the case. People tend to get bored more easily these days and they also have a more creative streak to boot. Not to mention, since people are linked more than ever before – through technology and social media – they also have constant inspiration from around the globe. Therefore, it is not surprising that most people aren’t spending too much time on one trend.

As you can see, Millennials have made quite an impact on the fashion sector as well. Only time will tell how they will continue to make their mark.

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