Grandparents DNA test is carried out to determine the relationship with the grandchild

The DNA test has become quite common among people. This used to be done for legal reasons when families fought over their parents’ property rights or when a child custody issue needed to be resolved. In the United States, the maximum number of DNA tests are being carried out to reveal the real connection between father and child. This is done for child custody and alimony.

Currently, people are getting DNA testing between grandparents grandchild. This is done when the child’s father is unavailable. In most cases, tests are done to find out family ancestry and ancestry, but sometimes these tests are also used to determine certain legal rights of a grandchild and determine their biological relationship.

When a grandparent paternity test is done, one or both parents contribute DNA. This type of DNA is more complex than a simple DNA paternity test. For accurate results, it is good if samples are taken from both grandparents. If one of the grandparents has died, the result may not be as accurate as it should be to establish paternity.

DNA testing can also be done at home by ordering a grandparent DNA test kit from any authorised lab. The kit comes via UPS or any other mail. Samples are collected in cotton swabs and sent to the address indicated in the mail. This keeps the test a secret from everyone, and it also serves the purpose.

PaternityUSA is a specialised laboratory offering good quality DNA tests at the lowest price. Their tests are 100% accurate. Regular laboratories can analyse 16 to 24 markers, but PaternityUSA can analyse up to 35 markers. The PaternityUSA Grandparents DNA Test will help determine the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. The laboratory is accredited and fully certified by AABB.

Is a grandparents DNA test suitable?

When the father is not available, a DNA test of the grandparents may be feasible. However, it is always assumed that testing the DNA of grandparents may not be as useful as a direct paternity test. If it is for legal reasons, such as child custody, or to find out about any health risk to the child, then it is wise to have a paternity test, which is more accurate. However, if the father has passed away and the grandparents want legal custody of the grandchild, they can appeal for DNA testing.

Each child receives half of their DNA from both parents. A grandchild will have 25% of his grandparents’ genes and 50% of both parents’ genes. To get results from a best grandparent DNA test, DNA from both grandparents is needed. The test results are more convincing because there will be more genetic sequences or similar strands of DNA.

Why are grandparents DNA tested?

Grandparents DNA tests are done for the following reasons:

  • Confirm biological connection with grandchildren
  • Medical history to know any hereditary diseases such as cancer
  • Social security benefits
  • Inheritance claim
  • Insurance claim
  • Legal custody of a grandchild
  • Know about the history of ancestors
  • Adding a name to a birth certificate

Grandparents DNA testing is only done on grandparents. However, when both parents are also included in the tests, the solution will be more accurate.

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