Five Common Items You Should Not Put In Your Toilet

A toilet bowl is one of the primary plumbing fixtures in any property.

It is used a lot of times in a single day by everyone in a home or a workplace. But just like every other plumbing fixture, a toilet bowl is also prone to deterioration after a long a time of usage. Once this occurs, you will need to spend a considerable amount of time and money to have it repaired. Since preventing this scenario from happening is better than going through it, you should be aware of what you should not put into your toilet bowl.

Tissue Paper

One of most common items inside our bathrooms is a roll of tissue paper. This handy item helps us accomplish a lot of basic tasks that involve our bathroom practices. After we are done using a piece of tissue paper, the proper place to throw it is a trash container, not our toilet bowls. If we continue this bad practice, tissue paper will accumulate inside the drain traps of our toilets and cause a clog. When this happens, the water inside the toilet will rise up, instead of going down, and start to flood our bathrooms.


A single piece of hair won’t be a problem when it is flushed down a toilet. The problem will start when there is lots of hair that has already accumulated inside it. Once this huge amount of hair has accumulated, they will hold on tight to each other to create a potent clog in your toilet pipes. Plus, getting them hard will be hard due to their complex nature when wet. Do yourselves a favor and don’t allow any piece of hair to fall on your toilet. You’ll be saving a lot of time and trouble if you do so.


Most pieces of food will break down when exposed to water. Other forms won’t. One particular example is a piece of chewing gum. If you manage to throw gum in your toilet, it will stick inside it or onto the drain trap. Getting it hard will be hard because of its stickiness. Once it has latched onto your drain, it will attract other materials and cause a huge flood inside the bathroom. Furthermore, getting it out will consume a lot of time and effort as well.


There are some people who smoke inside the bathroom before taking a bath or when they are excreting their waste. After they are done smoking, these people have a negative habit of throwing their cigarette butts into the toilet.

These leftover cigarette sticks don’t break into pieces when they are wet. As a matter of fact, they will clog up your toilet pipes if there are a lot of these cigarette butts. Plus, it would be very dangerous when a backflow occurs and the cigarette-contaminated water will return to your faucets. Usage of this dirty water will cause all kinds of diseases. It’ll be better if you have a dedicated trash container for cigarettes instead.


It’s common knowledge that oil and water does not mix. If you always pour in waste products that have oil in your toilet, you can expect it to turn into sludge and clog your toilet up. Be mindful of what you throw into the toilet, especially if it has oil in it. Once you see a trace of oil, throw it into a waste container rather than your toilet to prevent any flood-related trouble from happening.

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