Why We Should Use Grow Bags Beginning Our Container Gardening

Gardening is not only just happened in rural, urban gardening is also a good choice and begin to be very popular among us. When you live in apartment and don’t have yard or soil for planting, then try container gardening in your balcony. Or you can also have indoor gardening, which means you can grow vegetables for your salad in a whole year and grow carrots or even tomatoes earlier than other gardeners.

Container gardening also bring some challenges, the grow space for roots.

But this is also the reason that grow bags is more popular among indoor gardeners, they are better than other grow containers.

Grow bags are made with breathable fabric material, which means they are featured by excellent drainage system and permeability. If a grow container is unable to breath, when root reach the bottom of the container, roots will make more roots to seek for nutrition and water, causing root system. At the end, because confined space, roots will swirl in a circles and kill themselves. This situation would be better solved in grow bags. When root reach the bottom of grow bags, they can feel the air of outside and be “burned” off. They begin to produce new and healthy branch, we call “air prunes”.

Soil is the most important part for container gardening. In grow bags, we prefer 1/3 moss, 1/3 mixed compost (such as chicken manure, horse manure and mushroom compost) and 1/3 vermiculite. This soil mixture can retain water very well. You can reuse the soil mixture annually. Just empty all of bags and mix with 10-20% new compost.

If you over water in other plastic container, roots would be rotted. If you over water in grow bags, excess water will drain out from the bottom and sides. However, there is a disadvantage when watering in grow bags. You may need to water them everyday in hot summer.

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