7 Best Watches For College Student

Watches are suitable for all ages. People used watches for fashion, work, and schools. Most college students wear watches for fashion or to look at time. They even used their watches to notify them of their next subject for their busy college life. Some college students wear watches for fashion to gain popularity among students.

Here are the list of watch brand that most college students use:

Timex Watches

People have different taste in fashion, especially in watch design. Timex is one of the popular watch brand among the college students. Timex was known since 1980 and still in progress up to today. Timex watch is affordable in all categories. Timex price is at less than 200$, but still classy on watch design.

The Timex has a well-design that is comparable with other watch brands. The popular Timex design for college students is a blue strap that has a wide dial with white interior and classy exterior design. With a less than 200$ watch, students can wear a classy and elegant wristwatch.

Omega Watch

Omega is a popular watch brand, even among the luxury watch category. With the Omega Seamaster and Omega Speedmaster at their disposal, they become one of the best watch brands in all over the world. The Omega watch is popular in all factions, including students, employees, senior citizens, and Hollywood stars.

One of the reason why Omega watch is popular among students are, it’s rich in history and backgrounds. The Omega was on the market since the 1980’s. Their best selling watches are shock-resistant and waterproof watch.

Skagen Watch

Skagen brand watch is designed for women. Skagen brand is focusing on women as their primary audience. When you reach a college level, women tend to be fashionable and want to look classy. With a matte gray watch color, a teen wearing this watch will have a luxurious look.

Hamilton Watch

Hamilton watch is an American design combined with swiss designs.  The Hamilton watch was primary owned by the American company, but later owned by the Swiss group. Most of the student is eyeing for the Hamilton watch because of its low price and American designs with a little bit of swiss design.

With the American design imbued with the Hamilton watch, Students find it appealing to choose to wear the Hamilton watch. They have many colors and unique designs that will not cause a lot of money for a student.

Fossil Watch

Fossil watch is one of the cheapest watch brand that is available on the market. The good thing about the Fossil watch is, they don’t compromise the quality of their wristwatch even it is cheap. Their sellable wristwatch among the college student is their water-resistant watch.

Fossil watch innovation is focusing on Sports Watches. With their gold leather, stainless steel, and mineral crystal, the students are now leaning with their wristwatch overall appeal. Students who are into sports will love the Fossil as their wristwatch.

Invicta Watch

People have different approaches to fashion and design. Not all people want a classy or casual designs. Invicta is a watch brand that focuses on quality at an affordable price. The classic Invicta watch is composed of a Japanese automatic movement and has a stainless steel of both dial and strap.

Students who like outdoor adventure will fit with Invicta watch. The students will not worry about their wearable watch if they are doing outdoor sports as they know the quality that was provided by the Invicta watch.

Oris Watch

Oris watch is not your typical student watch. Oris watch is one of the most expensive watch brands on the list. Not all students can afford this watch, only selectable students who can spend their extra money on their watch.

Some people want extravagant and perfection design, in which rich people fit this description. Oris watch is popular with its almost perfect design for their wristwatch. A stylish student who wants a fancy and classy design will choose to wear the Oris Watch.


People want to use their ideal watch, whether it is a luxury watch or a cheap watch. What matters the most is they choose the watch they wear because they like the design and it looks rather than the price.  A college student is picky with what they wear, including the watch.  We have a different sense when it comes to design, and the price of what we wear will not matter.

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