New update features of Translator and Google Translate

Translator and Google are two big “boss” of translate and interpreter service in the world, besides translate apps on phone such as Chatlassapp. However, in order to meet requires of users, Translator and Google Translate have some important update their features.

  1.   Translator

If it was a Bing Translator then now the main application from Microsoft has been called short and more memorable name is Translator. Excellent translation features from older versions are still being developed by Microsoft and show more and better translation power. Here are some key features of Microsoft’s new and improved translation tool for Win Phone users. Introduced as a tool to help you get rid of language barriers, you can use the translation facility via Camera, Keyboard, Keyboard and more specifically now is able to download the data for convenient use when you do not have network connection. Too great is not it? Here are some key features of this translation software.

–          Text Translation: Of course, this is a traditional translation and this part is indispensable in any translation application. Whatever the basis, translating text and translating documents are also the most basic and indispensable gadgets. Current Translator Toolkit supports up to 50 Languages. You just need to copy a piece of text and paste it into the translation window.

–          Camera translation: This translation is fast, face-to-face but slightly difficult to read, recommended for short sentences. When you point your camera at a place such as a restaurant, newspapers, and magazines, the machine will vibrate to indicate that it has finished reading the word and start translating. One thing to note is that the image translation only supports the current 19 languages.

–          Voice translation: Another translation feature is voice translation. Up to now, this translation has been much better than primitive. Microsoft’s speech recognition technology has improved and is much better with the voice translation of speech recognition and accurate translation later. The translation is fine with the paragraph. However, according to the test and shared by many people, the Japanese translation is slightly worse than other groups. The current limitation of Voice translation is that it only supports 18 languages.

–          Offline translation – You can download the phone, tablet language pack required. Furthermore, you can translate text documents at any time, without having to have a network connection. It is also quite useful when you travel and avoid giving you a decent amount of money when using.

–          History, search & favorites: A feature that allows you to manage, remember the history of the searched words, have saved the word. You can search again and follow up at any time. For more convenience you can mark as favorite to study job and search faster.

–          Word of the Day: Allows you to learn new words and phrases every day.

  1.   Google Translate

With Google Translate almost every feature of a dictionary, features of a modern translation machine are available here. You can translate offline (translation not connected to the internet), translation from camera, voice translation and so on. Google has recently released a major update to Google Translate, which helps users easily chat with anyone in a foreign language.

As before, you will lose a lot of work if you want to chat, exchange content with foreigners whose foreign language is limited by having to manipulate between applications will take quite some time. Until the “tab translate” came out, this difficulty was eliminated. This way, you can still understand what people are chatting with from any application such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger just by pressing the translation button that emerges in that application. In fact, doing this is not new, as is the process of manipulating and searching the dictionary on Amazon Kindle, however they do not support the details and give the user more language options. By integrating directly the translation button in other applications that allow users to translate text at a glance, it’s quite handy. However, there is a point to note that anyway this gadget (Tab translate) is currently only available on a platform for Android device. Google Translate now has the ability to translate 103 different languages, although accuracy has not reached 100%. However, this tool is indispensable for most travelers and has about 500 million users around the world.

–          Main features of the Google Translate translation application.

+ Translate text – documents

+ Translation through the camera. For example, you need to translate the Chinese billing menu – just point the camera to the invoice and it will be delivered to your target language quickly.

+ Translate voice.

+ Load offline dictionaries (translation when no internet connection)

+ Translation through pictures.

+ Website translation

Hope that the information will help you have good overall knowledge about two big translation and interpreter services famous in the world including Translator and Google Translate.

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