Creating A Conducive Classroom For English Vocabulary Lessons

The classroom is a critical aspect of any preschool English lesson. At their tender age, children are strongly influenced by their environment. This is why the proper planning of the classroom for English enrichment class for primary schoolers can make a great difference.

For example, by mere virtue of having a graph of the seasons in your class, students are naturally drawn to examining it. Furthermore, they are likely to draw int heir peers for an interaction with the graph.

Given children’s natural curiosity, preschool teachers can optimise the environment for learning by constantly placing fresh lesson content around the class. In this article, we will take a look at a few ways in which you can use the classroom’s environment to your advantage.


Classifying can be a fantastic way to recall new vocabulary. We previously talked about a little bit how labeling can be used during an art task, but you can likewise make use of labeling in a class or with photographs.

If you’re trying to instruct the names of different objects in the class, tasking your pupils with producing labels for them can be a great means to get them up and moving– and talking! When the tags are created, make sure to laminate them. You can utilize them with all kind of games, from treasure hunts to dynamic matching or memory games.

You can also utilize classifying with photos, especially if you can project them on the wall surface. Discover pictures or images of various scenes including vocabulary that you have taught in class. Make the tags on your own or have your students make them, and after that permit pupils to come up and fasten them on the projected picture, either using magnets or putty, depending upon what’s appropriate for your classroom.

Classifying of this kind is excellent when used in tandem with an art project, as students initially determine products as a team and are then urged to classify things by themselves.

Weather Time

Talking about the weather is an additional excellent way to begin preschool lessons. You can post a sign for today’s weather, talk about yesterday’s weather condition, and make forecasts regarding tomorrow’s weather condition. Make sure you have an area on your wall where you can pin the various climate words and where you can show the one that optimally describes the world beyond of the classroom.

The Word of the Day

You can start your day by introducing your kids to the word of the day and having it listed on a whiteboard or noticeboard. It doesn’t have to be a complicated word, but it can be. (Never undervalue young learners.) The key is explaining the word to your students in a manner that they can grasp. After which, you can repeatedly point towards the listed word whenever there is an opportunity to bring it up.

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