How to create your mail marketing process right from the start?

As said, artists don’t invent, they borrow. Well, this rules applies for marketers too. So, marketers have well-thought, tested and documented methods that works as an inspiration for those looking for marketing their business. Out of all email marketing isn’t hidden from anyone.

At Eventige, every mail marketing project goes through some phases which include auditing, strategizing, implementation and analysis. So, everything goes hand in hand. The auditing leads to strategizing which further leads to execution and then finally analyzation takes place which informs the Klaviyo set and every step in between. For instance, going for Klaviyo email marketing helps you know what’s technically possible in Klaviyo. It helps you to decide the way you want to structure the copy and create the mail. You will come across amazing results. This is why the procedures are iterative.

However, no one can develop the skills overnight. So, you need to hire Eventige Klaviyo email marketing professionals who will help you in it without burning a hole in your pocket. It will help you get the best features of Klaviyo for your brand marketing.

In the present scenario, Klaviyo automated mail flows lead to over 27% of monthly sale for brands. Hence it is important to integrate the technology in your marketing system and create systems for different stages of your customer journey. It is also important to keep things simple and equally focus on post-purchase systems. When you apply the procedures to your own ecommerce branding, you get a better and more successful plan to launch and expand your mail marketing techniques.

Win the loyalty of your customers with Klaviyo email marketing

Opting for segmented mail marketing has proved to be one of the most appealing methods to accomplish constant and continuous contact between your store and client. Klaviyo makes it convenient for the brands to use their marketing techniques across different communication channels.

Consistent interaction via target email campaigns for several weeks helps customers to get familiarize with your brand. Once you personalize the campaign with dynamic data, you have the right solution at the right time and this keeps your customers interested and attached to you in the long run.

Features of Klaviyo which helps in getting your brand noticed

Klaviyo is an amazing solution for ecommerce. It offers strong segmentation in collaboration with behavioral and transactional data live. It permits the marketers to send targeted and customized messages to the clients and also use present segments of Facebook Ad campaigns. Klaviyo easily joins ecommerce platforms with BigCommerce, Magneto as well as Shopify. With the help of open API, it permits your developers to personalize integration effortlessly.

It also has site online tracking feature which is like owning a virtual salesman who follows your customer while shopping on the virtual store. You can send messages to people depending on their activities on your website. Being one of pioneer Klaviyo experts, Eventige Klaviyo email marketing is known for its techniques and strategies. Hire them to get the best results for your brand.

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