How to recover damaged or deleted files from Sony camera

Sony was founded by Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo in 1946, which mainly manufactured telecommunications equipment. After so many revolutions Sony comes into camera industry. The first digital camera of Sony came in the market in 1988, the Mavica. It worked with a TV screen display. Sony Camera is the world famous brand. The first Sony Cyber-shot was introduced in 1996. It is available in three categories 1.DSLR 2.Mirrorless 3. Advanced fixed lens.

DSLR: Advanced DSLR with single-lens digital cameras will do the best for beginners and intermediate photographers.

Mirrorless: Sony offers mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, eg. Sony NEX-5T. It allows the mirrorless models to be smaller and thinner than a DSLR. It provides good image quality and features, albeit they are not so much popular than DSLR.

Advanced fixed lens: Sony enhanced its features to the new height, and it comes with an advanced fixed lens. It is created with large image sensors, which helps to capture high-quality images. Such cameras are mainly used by DSLR users. The price of camera more than the beginning price of DSLR camera. These cameras are very much expensive. Their quality is very appealing so, mostly portrait photographers used the camera. The camera uses SD Card for storing captured images. Sometimes users face unseen errors on it when they want to see the pictures on their camera.

How photos get damaged or deleted from Sony Digital Camera

  • Physically damaged SD Card
  • Taking photos when camera battery will come to empty
  • Taking shots back to back it will not ready to write one image while second is capturing in memory
  • Memory card overloaded with photos may overwrite the card headers
  • Removing the card from a card reader while files are opened in the computer
  • Formatting a memory card in a computer instead of the memory card may slow down the process
  • Due to virus infection
  • Continuously shoot and delete images may cause an error when memory is full
  • Inserting a second memory card into a card reader before closing and removing the first while viewing images on the computer
  • While you are transferring images from SD Card to computer, camera batteries should be fully charged
  • Removing a card from memory card reader while images are transferring into the computer
  • Turned off a camera during images is writing to the memory card reader
  • While Removing a card, the folder is still opened in the computer
  • Before using one camera memory card into another camera, memory card should be formatted in the first memory card
  • Bad sectors on SD Card

Displaying Errors messages after photo or video get corrupted :

  • Card not inserted properly
  • Drive not detected
  • Card needs formatting
  • Drive not formatted
  • Please insert SD Card
  • CHKDSK is not available for SD card
  • Read/Write error on SD card
  • cannot format SD card
  • SD card cannot be detected by PC
  • Blank SD card or unsupported files system
  • SD card has been infected with a severe virus

If the user wants to solve the SD card errors, we have to recover its data anyhow. A user takes some precautions to prevent their SD card to get damaged. They can keep back up files from SD card into their system. Back up should be kept on a regular basis. It will help when your files have been corrupted. When a user has faced aforesaid type of problems, they can use photo recovery software to recover their files immediately.To know more about sony camera recovery click here.


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