Can Viritenz deliver on its promise of improving male virility?

Nothing is more complex and full of implications than male virility. However, a cardio surgeon has stated that male virility also has something to do with their health as well.

Men hitting the middle age from 40 up will naturally develop creaky joints and grey hair. Their virility also goes downhill as their blood vessels start aging as well. The blood flow to the penis is now impeded as it becomes clogged with fatty deposits.

The impeded blood flow also means erectile dysfunction when oxygen deprivation happens to some of the tissues around the vessels. Before age 40, men have little to complain about when it comes to erections. However, sexual dysfunctions start to happen as men hit the 40s up.

The main reason lies in the production process of the testicles. The testicles are unable to produce more testosterone. Penile tissues are affected by reduced testosterone levels. The testosterone receptors inside the penis cannot be activated when there is less testosterone to adhere to. This condition makes for flaccid penis that finds it tough to become rigid.

Andropause is male’s counterpart to menopause for women. Andropause is a male phase that lowers the levels of testosterone. In matters of fertility, men in the Andropause phase do not encounter any problems, unlike their female counterparts.

Longer life expectancy is now linked to regular sexual activity. Two orgasms twice a month lengthen life than those who don’t have them. Even recovering heart attack patients live longer when they have a healthy sex life.

It cannot be explained scientifically but health is boosted when the heart and blood pressure are lowered with sexual activity.

This goes to show that an active sex life protects a man’s prostate, prevents the risk of erectile dysfunction, and even penis shrinkage with aging. This means that a man will only lose it if he doesn’t use it.

Health and virility

If achieving and maintaining an erection becomes a struggle, there might be underlying health conditions that make it happen. These are some of the health reasons that can put a stop to a man’s sex life:

Multiple sclerosis

The nerve damage brought about by this condition can be manifested as erectile dysfunction in its early stage.

Clogged arteries

Clogged arteries will certainly bring on erection difficulties. Some of the risk factors to acquire clogged arteries include obesity, smoking, high cholesterol levels, alcohol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. The blockage size does not matter. What matters is that any blockage also means erectile dysfunctions.


Nitric oxide production is halted when there is the presence of elevated blood sugar levels. Nitric oxide is a compound that helps in widening blood vessels.


Sexual desire and depression do not go hand in hand. Taking antidepressants also reduces the desire.

Lack of sleep

Losing automatic morning erections for men should be a cause for a doctor’s visit. One of the chief causes is a disrupted sleep cycle. Sleeping pills or working night shifts are risks for sleep deprivation.


Anxiety and stress about sexual performance lead to a failed erection. When a man feels too anxious and stressed about his sexual performance, it triggers a production of adrenaline. The release of adrenaline also blocks erection. A series of failed sexual performances will altogether make a man avoid sex. He becomes fearful of indulging in sex which leads to a decrease in libido.


Loss of penile size due to aging is one of the most important concerns in men. The size of the penis does decrease a bit as a man ages because of blocked arteries. The decrease in collagen production that aids in firming up tissues also declines with age. However, loss in size can actually be minimized by regular sex.

Can male enhancement supplements help?

The market regarding male enhancement supplements is still going strong and will remain so until superseded by another solution. Men are always seeking a treatment or cure when it concerns their love life.

Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis were the number one pharmaceutical pills to address male impotence problems. These drugs were deemed saviors of the male dysfunction issues. Yet, the side effects they brought on eventually made men lose interest in them.

An alternative approach to pharmaceutical drugs such as male enhancement supplements became popular mainly because of the absence of side effects. This demand paved the way for a billion-dollar industry that is still going strong today.

These male enhancement pills took the place of daily vitamin doses. Taking a look at the market today makes you see the numerous brands of male enhancement pills. They all promise the same thing: to boost up the love life in the bedroom.

It is fair to say that some of the male enhancement pills did a good job of making good on the claim. However, there were several brands that were only there to make a fast buck.

Since then men have become skeptical whenever a new brand is introduced. While entirely understandable, not all male supplements are scams.

One of the best male enhancement supplements that have delivered on the claim is Viritenz.

What’s so special about Viritenz?

Man’s sex life is an important issue with him that is marred by issues such as stress, health, and aging. Experiencing their first erectile dysfunction as they hit the big 40s can be a frustrating and fearful time for men.

Insufficient testosterone production is often the main culprit and not the sexual drive. Viritenz is a product that will bring back a youthful love life at any age. This is what makes Viritenz special.

Struggles with libido issues are resolved with a daily dose of Viritenz. The all-natural ingredients that are in Viritenz ensure an active love life without the usual accompanying side effects. Using Viritenz regularly promises to:

  • Improve stamina and endurance
  • Increases the sexual desire leading to intense orgasms for both partners
  • Provides the best solution for men’s sex life
  • Provides full and rigid erections

With Viritenz, men no longer have to give up on their sex life if there’s a great solution to keep it going strong for their entire lifetime.

Changes in men’s bodies are needed for them to achieve and enjoy sexual pleasure at any age. Increasing the levels of testosterone is the first active step which is capably addressed by Viritenz.

The ingredients that make Viritenz work

The ingredients in Viritenz hold the key to its resounding success again and again. These herbal extracts are there to aid all male dysfunction issues without side effects:

Oyster Extract

The rich content of zinc in oyster have been proven to raise testosterone levels. The sex drive is boosted in the presence of high testosterone levels.

Maca Root

Endurance and libido are helped by this powerful plant that has long been used as an effective aphrodisiac.

Ginseng Blend

Testosterone levels are given a much-needed boost with the different ginseng elements mixed together.

Tongkat Ali

Fatigue can bring down levels of desire. The presence of Tongkat Ali increases energy and stamina levels.

Oat Straw

Libido and overall sexual performance have been found to be beneficially aided with oat straw.

Pumpkin Seed Powder

The nutrients and vitamins packed in pumpkin seed powder guarantee enhanced sexual performance.

In closing

While it is natural for testosterone levels to decrease with age and other health conditions, men don’t have to put up with it either. Viritenz offers the perfect solution to get the life back in the bedroom. Viritenz gives men the chance of a happy and satisfying love life for a lifetime.

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