Best Apps To Help Children With ASD

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that affects verbal and non-verbal communication and social interaction. Many doctors and parents focus on the word ‘autism’ to understand the disorder, but maybe they should be pointing out the word ‘spectrum’ out of context. Just as spectrum describes the rainbows of light, it indicates the stupendous diversity of symptoms among patients. No two autistic children are the same, although all of them face speech and language difficulties, sleep and attention problems, intellectual disabilities, epilepsy. Many autistic children are quite smart, but their perplexity of communicating effectively creates a troublesome environment for everyone. A great way to help these children is through mobile applications; apps for autistic children can help them learn and do a lot of other activities.

ASD is a life-long disorder and cannot be cured, but patients surely improve in a lot of ways. Using specially designed applications for children with autism is one great way to help and improve their condition. Apps can’t replace the everyday opportunities of learning, yet what they can do is help them fill up the many gaps that this disorder creates between them and their environment. Here are how these apps can help autistic patients:

Easy to comprehend imagery and distinguishable sounds makes it easier to concentrate and most importantly demonstrate what they’ve learnt.

Applications effectively teach new motor skills and let them practise those skills consistently.

Communication is the most significant hurdle for autistic children which is more than often very frustrating for the child as he fails to express his desires. Specially designed apps help create a bridge between the child and his parents.

It helps them expand their attention span so that they can focus.

Some apps help track health and behaviour changes, constructing a schedule for them, making it easier for parents.

Some of the best applications for children with ASD and their parents are listed below:



This a great educational android app, improving the way the child’s teacher and their parents to communicate so that their teaching techniques and their approach towards the child is in coordination. The child’s data on their behaviour is shown through this app, from which the child’s educator can assess behavioural patterns, dealing with him/her accordingly. AutEdu is a resourceful app for teachers with ASD patients to accommodate their learning needs. It helps better the understand the child’s mental condition. It has thousands of users who have been benefited and provided positive feedback.


Statistics show that reading comprehension is the most challenging task for autistic students to perform. With this app, they are enabled to learn the basics of reading and writing. The easy to use format is for every age, and the picture references help them concentrate and improve their writing as well. This free android app is designed by Green Bubble labs and has quite an impressive rating graph. 



Proloquo2go is a symbol-based AAC (advanced audio coding) application with innovative features designed for individuals who cannot speak. It provides speech therapy and helps develop language and communication skills. It is customizable for the user from children to adults. It adapts to every need of the user with research-based vocabulary from symbolic communication to a higher level of literacy. Proloquo2go is an award-winning play store application for IOS. Though this app is a bit costly, its users are always happy and report that it’s worth the investment.


This is another creatively helpful app for non-verbal children with ASD. This app helps the therapists, friends and family od ASD children with more than 15,000 symbols. Users can either purchase the app or pay for it monthly, after a seven -day free trial to see if the app meets the needs of the child. Messages can also be shared through emails and social media. The menu provides options so that it can be changed with the child’s increasing age and ability.



This app is designed for planning and self-awareness of ASD children. It is a splendid app for building visual schedules for doing routine tasks. Users improve time management skills and learn patience when they’re upset. Caretakers, parents, therapist use this app to keep ASD children motivated and on tasks as well as understand their feelings. Using this app, a child can learn how to calm down and redirect by reminding him of steps he can take during intense emotions, like anger. Choiceworks helps with everyday problems faced by the child. Unlimited schedules can be added to the app, ensuring the child manages his time correctly.


Birdhouse is an excellent app for parents and caretakers to track ASD children’s moods, behaviour, medical information, schedules and nutrition. Parents can easily organize and follow up with their child’s sleep cycle, diet, medical prescription. Once the user’s data is entered, parents can easily compare and examine behavioural patterns. It is an IOS/android app rated as valuable for assisting parents with new strategies to help their child face daily routine problems and organize every information in one place. This app dramatically helps to find out meltdown stimuli, behaviour patterns and insight into how the child’s brain operates.


Find my family, friends and IPHONE- life360 locator is a mobile app for autistic children and teens that keeps them connected with their family and friends by showing them on a map and allowing to communicate with them. Autistic teens can receive alert messages from their family when they leave home or workplace. This app ensures the parent’s peace of mind, knowing their child’s whereabouts. Autistic teens often leave their houses uninformed, which is precisely why this app is designed. Parents are even notified if their child’s phone battery is low so that they can track their exact location. This app is designed for children of nine years and above.

As hard as it is for ASD patients, their parents and their relatives, this age of technology has helped them deal with some of the many difficulties and spread awareness among others. 

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