How to raise a polite child?

Have a kind child who care about others – that is the ultimate goal for most of the parents. A compassionate kid usually has more friends and it is much more probable that he will care for his parents when they are in real need. In this article, you can find summed up together several hints to raise a kind child and let you be a proud parent.

You should be a good example

The first step in raising a kind child is to look at yourself. So are you sure that you are always a good example for others? You have to be aware of a fact that kids eagerly copy behaviors of other people and especially they close relatives. As a matter of fact, being a good example is the best way to root good values into your children. But you need to remember about that all the time your kids are around. You have to be consistent and show a lot of empathy and goodwill to other people.

Another good idea is to emphasize good and humble deeds of others. Do you like to read to your children? If yes, then emphasize the good deeds of the characters in the book. Teach children to distinguish good from evil. Provide them with some concrete examples of good behaviors to follow, e.g. help your elderly neighbor, feed hungry birds together, print a set of Christian coloring pages from the internet to explain more specific differences between being a good and a bad man. Coloring pages are good for that purpose because they usually successfully engage a child’s attention and it is easier to convey valuable content.

Thank you

Saying “thank you” is very important. This is one of the basic characteristics of polite people. So teach your children to do this each time they receive something from others. Be it a gift, a favor or a compliment.  After some time, it will become absolutely natural for them. Wise people say that word like “thank you”, “please”, “I am sorry” and similar are cornerstones to a good relationship between people. Being gracious and polite is a great character trait that, however, require training and humbleness to learn. Good teaching is not just about instilling knowledge, but explaining why something is happening. So try to teach your children why is it so important. Ask them, how would they feel in a similar situation?  This is a very good method to help them understand similar dependences.

Words come easy    

It is easy to speak, but choosing the right words is not so easy though. Kind words are a powerful weapon and some say that they can melt the hardest of hearts. Your children should be fully aware of the impact their words have on other people. Of course, they need to know that impolite words can be harmful, so teach them to pick their words wisely. Naturally, you should be a good example here too. So chose your words reasonably, try to speak nicely so that your children can follow your path.


“Praise or punish?” – this is the question causing a big headache for many parents. You can not exclude punishing completely, as they are needed from time to time, but do not use them more than necessary. On the other hand, do not hesitate to praise your child when he deserved it. It is very important to grow his self-confidence and make him a good man in future. Use rewards, but nothing too extravagant and expensive. It could be, for example, extending PlayStation period, ordering a favorite pizza with a double cheese or buying a nice set of coloring pages. This will naturally teach a child to instinctively do the right things most of the times. He will associate it with good memories and rewards from the past.

That’s it!

Being a good parent is not too easy. You have to be wise, consequent, proactive and patient. Only this way you can count to raise nice and polite children. Your role in the development of your kids is unreplaceable so better be well-prepared for this task. Your examples and deeds as a parent can transform your offspring into kind or cruel individuals. Good luck!

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