Why should you make your site Mobile Friendly?

Today we will discuss on how to make websites and apps friendly for Marketing also generating sells or leads from it. We all know how mobile has become an important part of our life. As per Mobile Agency Apps Review, mobile market is growing exponentially. In Mobile Operating systems, Android is seems to be ruling the market. If you are planning to reach more and more customers, then android is the best place to start. Well, if your customers are in USA, then it will be better for you to go with both iPhones and Android as both iPhone is still dominating in American market.

So as people have started going mobile, it has become new medium for marketing so let’s see how it conquer it.

Make your site Responsive

Making the site responsive is very important if you are going for mobile app. As people are not always interested in installing apps but to browse and get the job done. While you prefer Websites, you can place codes from Pixel, Analytics and other tools for better function but understanding your customers but it is not possibles with apps. You must have heard about Platforms like Clicky a great analytics tool and CrazyEgg these tools will make your life easy.

How to make your WordPress Site Responsive for Mobile Devices?

There are various we can make our site, more mobile comfortable. We will discuss each of them.


Jetpack is one of the most favorite tools for WordPress; it is developed by the same developers behind the WordPress. It comes with several tools and one of them is generating a mobile theme for your clients in Mobile phone. It will help you to create a theme which will load in all types in phones in no time. It will also help you in developing CDN and many exciting features so never forget to give a try.


WPTouch is another Plugin in WordPress which can let you create Mobile Friendly themes in your WordPress. It is easy and free to use.

Google AMP/ Facebook Instant

As the market for mobile phones are growing, Google and Facebook is don’t want to get behind in this race. Google has launched AMP and Facebook has launched Instant, these are projects designed to ensure that html pages loads in Mobile phones as fast as Possible. If a site is using AMP, then you can view the site as soon as you click on it. AMP is good for blogs and News sites but it is not applicable on other types of sites as they require Javascript.

Facebook instant works in the same way; it simply disables all the JavaScripts in the page and shows pages only in HTML and CSS. Web Developers have to insert codes which makes friendlier to mobile phones. Facebook Instant works differently from Google Amp , like Google app you won’t be able to see them directly on Browser but you can see it from the Facebook app. Facebook Instant works only inside the Facebook app and you have to share it if you want to see how its look. Those who are using Instant, Facebook also offer them advertising for money.

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