Carpet Stretching: Common Causes Of Carpet Rippling

Buckling of carpets causes an unpleasant sight to a rather stylish space. If you don’t take fast action, it becomes the only noticeable thing in the entire room. Also, not fixing it can cause a lot of accidents. As soon as you see your carpet wrinkling, it is time to do some stretching to fix it. Don’t want until the damage is far too gone. Here are some common causes of buckling so you can avoid them.

Poor installation

Installation needs expertise and experience. If the people installing the carpet do not stretch it out well, it will loosen quickly and cause wrinkles. Using a power stretcher is necessary to secure it in place and prevent buckling. Improper installation is the primary cause of the rippling. Manufacturers produce stiffer carpets these days; therefore, the installers must use the right equipment to get the job done.

Improper padding

As is the case for most things, cheap is expensive in the long run. Invest in good quality carpets and padding. Ensure you adhere to the manufacturers padding specifications. There is a reason why they are there. A mismatch will cause your carpet to wrinkle and due for stretching sooner than you expect. Furthermore, improper padding also voids the warranty from the manufacturer.

Excess humidity and heat.

Temperature changes affect your carpet. Humidity is known as one of the biggest culprits of carpet wrinkling. The moisture pierces through the rug, thus causing it to swell. When the moisture levels normalize, you’ll notice some ripples on your carpet. A repeat of that over and over renders your buckling case severe and in dire need of stretching. Steam-cleaning by an inexperienced technician may also lead to wrinkling.

Old carpets

Over time, wrinkling is inevitable as carpets get old. Stretching is not only for repairing but also for maintenance in due course of time.


It refers to the separation of the carpet from the backing. In most cases, it is a manufacturing problem in which case you can claim the warranty for free stretching. Moisture also causes delamination. Over-wetting during cleaning can result in the carpet having moisture below, thus causing it to separate. It could also occur when you have a leak in your house and water gets under your carpet. Moisture could also come from vapor emissions from a concrete slab.

Heavy traffic

If you get a lot of foot traffic in your space, kids running around or wheelchair activity, then after a short while, you’ll need to stretch out your carpet. Also, moving heavy furniture across your carpet causes it to loosen at the edges and ripple.

Once the rippling begins, it only gets worse. Carpets should lay flat to look their best. Also, ensure that you get an expert to stretch your carpet; otherwise, it is pointless. As we said before, cheap is expensive. Remember, carpet stretching is a great way to extend the life of your carpets.

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