Here’s how Sunstone is changing the game!

Cricket is not just a hobby or a mere sport in India. It ignites pride and sheer joy with each game being followed by hundreds of millions of people in India as well as globally. One of the new teams this year, Lucknow Super Giants, has been taking the Indian T20 cricket league by storm. This grand occasion is further complemented by the fact that Lucknow Super Giants has partnered with Sunstone, a leading educational and upskilling services provider. Under this association, Sunstone has launched the #JeetegaSparHi campaign.

What is the #JeetegaSparkHi campaign?

There’s a common theme and ambition in this association which is identifying the talent and spark in the nation’s youth. Under the #JeetegaSparkHi campaign, deserving candidates will be provided scholarships by Sunstone. The overall worth of the scholarships that will be doled out is estimated to be up to INR 4 crores.

How Does It Work?

Staying true to the spirit of the sport, the #JeetegaSparkHi campaign has a fun and innovative way to allocate scholarships. For each run, four, six scored by LSG players, a fixed amount will be offered by Sunstone. Additional amounts will be given for each catch and wicket taken. Here’s the breakdown of the #JeetegaSparkHi scholarship:

  • For every six scored by LSG players in the match, the amount fixed is INR 6,000
  • For every four scored by LSG players in the game, the scholarship amount is INR 4,000
  • For every run scored by LSG, the amount set is INR 1,000
  • For every wicket taken by an LSG bowler, the amount fixed for the candidate is INR 1,00,000
  • For every half-century scored in a match, the scholarship amount is INR 5,00,000
  • For every catch taken, the scholarship amount is INR 1,00,000

Eligibility for the #JeetegaSparkHi scholarship

If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student or know student who requires financial aid, then spread the word regarding the #JeetegaSparkHi scholarship. The process involves registering for the scholarship program and appearing for the Sunstone Eduversity Admission Test (S.E.A.T).

It is important to act swiftly since these scholarships are given on a first come first serve basis, and the time allotted to avail these scholarships is till the next LSG match. For instance, if you are eligible for the scholarship after the 3rd LSG match, you can apply for it before 4th LSG match.

Sunstone’s initiative aims to discover and nurture the spark in each applicant and give them the opportunity to succeed in life. This is truly a game-changing initiative that comes riding on the shoulders of the game Indians love the most. You can check out the Sunstone website for more details.

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