Myths of IT Support for Businesses Debunked

Are you a business owner looking for help with your IT, but you aren’t sure if having a dedicated IT Support Partner is right for you? Have you got preconceptions of IT Support and might not think your business really needs it and could really benefit from it? Many business owners are weary and have doubts as to whether or not IT Support is for them – well, we’re here to debunk some of the most common myths surrounding IT Support to help put your mind at ease.

Quite simply, if you are wanting to save your business money, time, and stress due to technology that isn’t working properly or isn’t managed properly – then you need IT Support. There are so, so many benefits to having a dedicated IT Partner to help you, and there are different kinds of IT Support available too which will suit any budget, business size, or need.

For many business owners, outsourcing their IT Support may seem like a waste of money and many business owners wonder how outsourcing their IT Support can actually make a difference. This kind of thinking has led to many misconceptions about IT Support in general which are causing business owners to miss out on the many benefits it can bring them.

Sometimes, if you aren’t sure which IT Support Company to partner with, the best solution is to find a trusted provider who is located in your area and has experience working with companies like yours. Say you are living in the UK for example, you can then make use of Outsourced IT Support London Services that will help your business to streamline your IT setup and provide your teams with IT Support when needed.

When it comes to outsourcing your IT Support, you’d be surprised at just how much of an impact it can make on your business’s productivity and outputs in general. Here are 5 of the most common IT Support myths out there, and why they’re incorrect too!

1.       Outsourcing Your IT Support Is Only Helpful When Things Go Wrong

Not only will your IT Support Provider give you peace of mind that things are fixed, and problems are solved when things go wrong, but they will also place preventative measures in place so that they can stop any major problems from actually even happening in the first place.

2.       Outsourcing Your IT Support Is More Expensive Than Having an In-House IT Team

If you’re worried about outsourced IT Support being more expensive, you’ll be happy to know that in actual fact outsourcing your IT Support saves businesses between 25-75% on their IT Support costs.

3.       Outsourcing Your IT Support Means You’ll Have Slower Response Times Compared to an In-House IT Team

Just because you might have an IT Team on hand who are physically close, it doesn’t mean your issues will be solved quicker. IT Support Partners have the ability to access your devices and infrastructure remotely and solve most problems this way.

4.        Outsourcing Your IT Support is Not as Reliable as an In-House IT Team

Your Outsourced IT Support Partner will have dedicated technicians, engineers, and account managers who are solely focused on your business and providing you with the best support – outsourced IT Support is just as reliable as an In-House IT Team.

5.       Outsourcing Your IT Support Puts My Business at Risk of Not Being Compliant with Certain Regulations and Laws


Your Outsourced IT Support Partner will be able to ensure your business is compliant just as well as any In-House IT Team would. You will always have access to highly trained, highly skilled, and highly qualified support even if you’re outsourcing your IT Support.

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