Current Trends in Diamond Jewelry

Diamond is a gemstone of unique properties in nature. However, its most important quality is its incomparable beauty, which is why it is the most used and valuable gem in jewelry.

The Most Important Detail of the Wedding: The Bridal Jewelry

The most beautiful dress in the world needs to be combined with some very special accessories that determine a specific style, faithful to the personality of the bride. When choosing jewelry for the bride, we can put aside the superstitions and let the pearls back out into the light to put a classic and very romantic point to any bridal styling. Whether through earrings, necklaces, bracelets or diadems. For those who prefer traditions, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds shine with force on pieces of vintage air.The ring that captures all the looks, the most dazzling earrings or even the headdress-jewel that marks a unique style is some of the pieces that a bride cannot leave aside. For this reason we have reviewed the best wedding trends for you.

Diamond Rings as well Wedding Rings

These jewelries are so complete that they even offer a professional appraisal and appraisal service and a “gold purchase”, one more attention for those who want to get rid of jewelry that they no longer use. These, once the regulatory procedures have been completed, will be destined to smelting. Orient and inform the customer of the value of the metal at that time, the stones that the jewel carries, the interest for the customer to sell it or not, the possibility of raising or lowering the gold according to the market in order to offer the maximum valuation and that you can choose an option with optimum and updated information.

Top 5 Trends in Bridal Jewelry

1. Vintage style earrings

Vintage style earrings have become an upward trend. It is a style that has marked a generation (mothers and grandmothers) of which the current brides seek that more authentic effect. The vintage style bridal earrings are certainly a trend to be worn.

2. Rings with colored stones

From here we confirm another trend – which we also love: rings with colored stones. From elegant sapphires, sparkling emeralds, intense rubies or feminine amethysts! All matching ring combinations with colored stones are definitely a great hit for any bridal look!

3. The classic pearls

The pearls are a classic in this type of jewelry. The current designs have known rejuvenate and dusting this classic accompanying the mother of pearl with brilliants that contribute a more youthful touch.

4. The diamonds

If there is a trend that will never go out of style, they are gemstones! Bright diamonds, baguettes, ovals, drops, etc. the stones are still a sure value, as to its shape, that’s a fashion issue!

5. Alliances with stones

Classical and neutral alliances have left room for stones: either with a solitary claw or embedded in a row of stones. The combinations are multiple!

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