Postpartum Girdle: Essential Pregnancy Gear

With the advent of any and every device that can assist our appearance it should come as no great surprise that something for post pregnant woman is making a return. To be exact the postpartum girdle is quickly increasing in popularity as many woman want to use any and everything to get their figures back after having a baby. We will look at the benefits of this including the back support it gives, how it assists you in getting in shape and how it can help you regain your pre-pregnancy shape. The focus of this article will be on the aforementioned benefits of the postpartum girdle. Let’s get started with how it can help support the back…

What exactly is a Postpartum girdle?

If you go back only a few decades it was fairly common for women to use some form of postpartum girdle or abdominal binding after having a baby and in some cultures this is still widely practiced. We may think of it as an old fashioned idea with no actual benefit but more women are going back to this method of regaining their figure after childbirth.


So How Do You Use A Postpartum Girdle?

You start to wear the girdle as soon as you reasonably can after the delivery of your baby and once you have checked with you doctor or midwife that it is OK to begin wearing it. You then continue to wear it for several weeks.

What are the benefits of this supposed to be?

Back Support

Because a postpartum girdle is something that is worn around the abdominal area it will lend support to the back. It will in some cases also help with posture and once you get used to wearing it can help with core muscle strengthening due to the influence of keeping your abdominal muscles clenched while wearing it. Which leads us to the getting in shape benefits it supplies…


Getting In Shape

Of course just wearing something is not going to get you in shape in and of itself. The postpartum girdle assists with this by influencing you to keep core muscles clenched. There have been a number of woman who report that using this product has allowed them to quickly regain their shape after their second or more pregnancy. And as any mother with multiple children will attest to getting back in shape after the 2nd or greater pregnancy is no small feat. Which leads us to the final benefit of regaining your shape…

Regaining Your Figure

Now we understand that while this may be the last benefit cited here it is probably the main one as far as a recently pregnant woman is concerned. The creators of these products have claimed that their use will assist displaced organs into finding their rightful places and of course putting pressure on the Uterus. This in turn will assist the body in getting back to it’s normal tone quicker.

What is significant though is that some women who have used a girdle for the first time with their second child report that they regained their figure more quickly with the girdle. As any mother will tell you it is usually more difficult to get back into shape after your second child than after your first, so this does suggest that there are some genuine beneficial effects.

The manufacturers of postpartum girdles say that they help to get the displaced internal organs back into the right position and compress the uterus. This helps the body to regain its previous shape more quickly.

Wearing a Postpartum Girdle After A Cesarean Section

Women who have had their babies delivered by cesarean section can find a postpartum girdle useful in reducing discomfort and assisting the healing process. Giving support to the muscles which surround the site of the incision can reduce pain enabling the wearer to be more mobile which in itself makes recovery quicker.

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