Easy Ways to record and share your PC screen activities with iFun Screen Recorder

You might have seen plenty of online screen recorder tools or software that could be complicated and hasn’t user-friendly interfaces. Almost of them are pretty not applicable in the case of HD screen recording without lag. If you want to have the screen record with HD quality and minimal effort, you can do it simply by chosing one of the best screen recorder in the marketplace. Undoubtedly, it can be hard to select suitable one screen recorder, but we’re strongly recommend using iFun Screen Recorder with various bewildering feature that’ll blow up your mind. This article will talk about some the features of IObit and how to using it in a more precise way with step-by-step guide. Let’s reading!

iFun Screen Recorder’s features:

iFun Screen Recorder is ones of the best in the marketplace that significantly use to capturing the entire portion or screen of your computer in much easier ways. These is the following worth mentioning features and key points that comes up with HD recording capabilities and moreover. Let’s Started!

With facecam Recording Functionality:

Suppose you are doing online video calls or powerpoint presentations and want to capturing the face in a video. In that case, you can do it by using the iFun Screen Recorder with facecam recording functionality.

Flexible Screen Capturing:

Flexible screen capturing is crucial, moreover worth considering functions that allow you to capturing the screen areas according to your need. And you’ll also avail of the multiple display support by capturing your desired screen areas.

With HD Recording without Lag:

Screen recorders with HD quality considers vital if you want to create quality video. And this screen capture tools provide you the HD quality recording without any lag and watermark.

Supporting Multiple File Formats:

After capturing the PC screen recording, everyone wants to have various file format that should be easily playable for different devices. However, iFun will support the multiple File Formats functionality available, such as:  AVI, FLV, MP4, MOV, MKV, TS, MPEG4, and many more.

Screen recording by System or Microphone:

If you want to stream gaming videos or any other tutorial videos, you undoubtedly wish to screen recording by system audio or Microphone. And then, you can do it using an iFun Screen Recorder.

Videos Editing Function:

Suppose you want to record videos for a business or educational presentation. In this case, iFun is worth considering software that allow you to mix up scenes or edit audio in videos. Morover, it supports the image editing features for adding annotations in the videos and images.

Compatibility and Easy to using:

IFun Screen Recorder is exclusively available for all windows operating systems with no compatibility matters, and it’s undoubtedly free plus easy to using because of it’s user-friendly interface.

 Step by Step Guiding for screen recording with iFun:

When you have done the installation process, you can do screen recording easily with the best free screen recorders by following the below step-by-step guiding. So, let’s set it!

With Steps:

  • Firstly, opening the iFun app by simply double clicking on it.
  • After that, go to the record option to chose the entire screen or selected portion from the “Select region” option.
  • Now, let’s do screen recording with audio and you can do it simply by turning the on option under the speaker. Moreover, if you want to record your voice during video recording, should do it by enabling the Mic.
  • Finally, it is time for the recording to press the “REC” button to initialize the recordings process with HD quality. And  then, you can save the recording and then access them by going to the “Video List Tab” in much precise ways.

In a nutshell is you can customize the videos size, videos quality, perform the videos editing and transfer your videos into 17 mainstream formats that play on various devices. At the same time, for capturing screens, you can have a try iFun Screenshot.

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