Winning Tips to Ace Your Online Math Test


Many people don’t like Math tests. Try to understand that too often; people make mistakes that could be easily resolved by examining their answers in very specific ways. However, even the worst math performance could be transformed into a successful effort.You need to break those old habits and either go for PSLE Math tuition an online math tutor or follow a few steps if you want to succeed in your online Math test. Having said that, in this article, you will find some tested tips that you can apply to help yourself during Math tests.

Steps To Follow to Ace Your Online Math Tests:

1. Take your notes and/or textbook Home. If you don’t take notes, because you get lost in scribbling or have a slow speed, it is better to take the textbook home. If you took notes too, take both of them. If you accurately write down everything your teacher says, you may not need the textbook, but you should bring it anyway, in case it is needed.

2. Review the multiplication tables, concepts and procedures you need. Very often, you make serious mistakes while learning a formula or a new concept. It is always better to double-check them before your exams, just to refresh your memory.

3. Study Mathematical theory. By Mathematical theory,we mean to understand and follow the procedures. To do this:

  • Look at the textbook.This is the best method unless you take good notes. However, the disadvantage of using the textbook is that you will not have access to the excess, yet important information that emerges from good notes.
  • Look at the notes.This is a viable option only if you take it well.They are usually faster and easier to learn than your textbooks.

4. Have a good breakfast. It is difficult to work on an empty stomach! So it is natural that people who have a good breakfast in the morning do the tests better, stay less stressed and feel more energetic.Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Be careful not to drink too much before an online, because then you will have to use the bathroom, which is usually a disadvantage during an online maths test. There is nothing worse than trying to think while “holding it back”.

5. Skim the Test. Take a quick look at the test as soon as it starts. Answer the questions you know first, then return to the difficult ones to work on.

6. Know how to use all the time allotted for the Math test.Start by answering all the questions you know the answers to, even if, when you start, nothing seems to make sense. Go through the exam questions again, repeating this process, to a dead end.

7. Master the art of multiple choice. Multiple choice questions are an art form. You must have studied enough to know how to solve problems independently to get the highest score. Complete the multiple-choice by choosing the answers and doing the calculations on an additional bad sheet.

    • On the original question sheet (which you can write on), put a checkmark on the questions you’re most sure of and an “x” next to the ones you’re not sure of. This way, you can easily go back and identify the questions you should spend time on. Make sure to practice enough for the test that your sheet doesn’t get filled with the “x” mark.
    • On a second review, go to the questions you marked with an “x” ​​and spend more time on them. Cover the original answers and rework the question on a draft sheet. This will help you see it from a new perspective and possibly find the correct answer.
    • Continue the exam in this way and also make sure to spend time checking that the multiple-choice answers marked with a checkmark are correct.

8. Master the art of homework in Math. It can really make a difference.

  • First, make sure you have someone (a tutor) to help you work on a question that is a block for you.
  • Secondly, use a math book that solves similar problems completely (that is, with a detailed answer key), so that you have the opportunity to analyze the solutions in more depth.
  • Thirdly, every evening,solve each question and check the book of answers after finishing. If you can’t solve anything, refer to your math book or contact your guidance tutor.
  • When you have finished the questions once, but the book with the answers aside and try to solve all the questions a second time. If you are wrong, you have to spend time trying to understand the answer until you know it perfectly. If you still cannot find the solution, get your tutor’s help until you solve the problems. But you’re not done yet.
  • Continue this process until you can answer all the questions without assistance. When you have answered all the questions without any kind of help, you can stop. Apply this method every day and keep in mind that it takes time, but you will be rewarded very well when it comes to the time of the exam.
  • Before the time of the exam, make sure you have time to redo all the questions you faced in your homework at least once, preferably until you get them all right. If you do this, you will be very successful in your online Math test and your grades will increase dramatically.

9. After receiving the verification fix, review your errors. As we read in the book The Zombie Survival Guideby Max Brooks, the zombie may be gone, but the threat remains. Well, in this case, the testcan be passed, but the exam So it is best to start tackling some initial topics for your final or intermediate exam.


Passing an online Math test is not rocket science. All you need to do is to work hard. You have to spend time practising and solving all the Math questions that you have. The tricks and tips mentioned above will help you in saving your time during your exam. It is advised to use the checkmark and “x” mark trick during the test to make sure that you leave no question unchecked. Practising regularly and attempting Math tests will also help you in enhancing your critical thinking ability. Therefore, try to attempt as many questions as you can before going for the final test. You can always approach your Math tutor if you are not able to figure out the solution to a problem.

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