Things You Need To Pass The IB Exam

IB courses are more advanced compared to regular high school classes. These programs significantly shape and develop students’ skills and academic prowess. Most colleges and universities view those with IB diplomas favorably, which is why thousands of students take them.

Since IB courses are heavier, the exams can be very challenging. Although, with enough preparation, favorable scores are achievable. Here are some things you need to pass the IB exams.


Begin the groundwork by evaluating your progress in each course and take note of the subjects you find to be more difficult. You should know which lessons you need to spend more time and effort on once you begin reviewing. You can reference the course syllabus and go over the topics to determine which ones require more attention from you.

Find The Correct Study Materials

It is advisable to study smart, not hard. To do so, review the proper materials and do not waste your time on lessons that are unnecessary in the IB exams. Focus on what your teacher has given you and supplement your knowledge with other sources, like books, libguides, or online tutorials.

Math is a particularly tricky subject in IB courses. Make sure that it won’t be a hindrance in getting your IB diploma. Secure a reliable IB Mathematics Resource as one of your review materials for a better score.


Once you are aware of the academic load that you must conquer, and now that you have all the study materials, the next thing you need is a study schedule and the discipline to stick to it. It is advisable to review for the IB exams around 2-3 months before. The exams require thorough knowledge about each course, which is why you should allot an extensive amount of time to review instead of cramming.

Practice Exams

Even if you studied hard for the exams, nerves could still get the best of you when in front of the test sheet. To lessen your anxiety while you are taking the exams, familiarize yourself with the format and content. You can ask your teacher for mock tests or copies of the previous IB exams. You can also access sample tests from the official IB website.

Take Care Of Yourself

Preparing for the exams does not only entail the academic aspect. You should be wary of your health and well-being as well. Get the right amount of sleep and the proper nutrition in the months leading up to the exams.

Despite following your study schedule, being sleepy or unhealthy while taking the exams can sabotage your learning abilities.

Focus And Re-check Your Answers

When taking the exam, focus on the questions and read instructions carefully. It’s crucial to stay sharp as you answer. Students who are thoughtful in answering the exam perform better and score higher.

If you’re unsure or don’t have the slightest idea, skip the question, for you might be able to encounter clues in some parts of your exam. Also, take the time to double-check your answers once done with the test. IB exams are good for 1-2 hours. If you finish the exam early, make the most of the remaining time. Make sure you answered all the questions and that there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Lastly, polish your work before you turn your paper in.

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