Armodafinil is a medicine which is used to treat chronic fatigue, increases energy and improves work capacity. It also helps in increasing confidence, performance report and makes us happy. Armodafinil is FDA approved medicine and you can buy armodafinil online easily. It is the safest drug and a non-addictive tablet.

But always keep in mind to consult a doctor or certified medical practitioner before taking this medicine. A doctor will firstly ask about your past health records, present problems and then prescribe you the dosage according to your health issues. Never take any medicine before consulting your doctor and keep a check on your symptoms after taking this medicine because if anything goes out of the side effects recommended by doctor then you need to seek the emergency help immediately.

Some of the most common side effects of modalert 200mg by sun pharma are given below: Dizziness, headache, anxiety, hallucinations, disturbed sleep, and nausea. There are some uncommon side effects also which are not seen in every individual: fever, stomach pain, swelling in limbs, sore throat, and tingling feeling in limbs.

Treatment and dosage

The treatment procedure of modafinil is very easy and comfortable. You just need to consult your doctor and depending on your previous health records and current condition, he will prescribe you the suggested dosage of the medicine and you can easily buy armodafinil online. Some of the things you need to keep in mind while having this medicine is that you should eat healthy and clean food, never consume alcohol with this drug as it can make you slow to take decisions, don’t consume it before going to bed as it can make you awake because it stimulates the brain cells and keeps you active. Never share your medicine with anybody else and store it at a place which is away from children’s reach.

In usual cases the dosage of modalert 200mg by sun pharma depends on every individual differently but still there is a minimum of dosage which a person can take and is safe also. Beginners are suggested to take 100mg of modafinil per day and the existing users can take it upto 200mg, split tablet into two halves. We don’t recommend 300 mg modafinil as it can create some sort of harm to the body without doctor’s prescription. Moreover one should keep an eye on herself or himself after taking the pill as the effects can vary person to person. In the long time of consumption we recommend 200mg tablet to be the best potency.

Modafinil usually takes an hour to work and show effects for upto 6-8 hours. If your work is in shift hours then we suggest you to take half tablet of 200mg one hour prior your work and the other half of the tablet before the next shift.

This medicine is not safe for children, pregnant women, and lactating women as it is seen that some traces of modafinil passes into breastmilk and can harm a baby. The women those who are planning to get pregnant should also not use this medicine as it can harm the unborn baby or the woman can experience miscarriage or finding it difficult to even conceive.

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