Things to Ensure when Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is high intensity and speed-controlled water sport. The adrenaline and thrill are very high while competing and having a good time on the Jet Ski. Most of the crowd is attracted to the sport because of the adrenaline rush it gives due to the high speed with water gushing everywhere. Jet Skiing as a sport also gives out other benefits such as:

  • It helps to build very good coordination between the mind and the body
  • Helps improve concentration and awareness
  • It works as an excellent cardio exercise
  • Helps burn a lot of calories and is a good workout to tone the body
  • It helps to relieve stress

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, it can help in building strong communities and relationships while playing together on vacation. As fun as it sounds, it also has some cons. As a sport, jet skiing is easy to pick up but is also a hazardous sport. It’s always safe to maintain the right speed and not experiment too much, especially when you are a beginner. For every activity, there are rules, restrictions, and training that comes with it. It is good to abide by the instructions and not get carried away with the euphoria. Let us see a few tips and tactics to ensure safety while having fun on a jet ski.

1. Life Jackets- A must wear 

Every sport requires one to wear a specific costume. These are essential as they provide safety to the individual in case of accidents. In the case of water sports, it is very important to wear the proper gear before getting inside the water, however deep or shallow it is. For a sport like jet skiing, which is always played in the seas, it is important to add extra precautionary methods. Life jackets are a must-wear when it comes to any kind of water sport.

It is important to ensure the jacket fits you right and is comfortable without restricting movements. The straps must be tightened, and the fit must be easy and breathable. For that, there are several Jet Ski life jackets that provide the necessary safety and comfort. Life jackets regulate the body temperatures and help you stay afloat in water in case of any mishappenings. They have the ability to turn the individual over and about to prevent them from drowning even when unconscious. This is extremely important for non-swimmers who enter water bodies. Life jackets are mandatory for kids below the age group of 13. It is also very important to follow the instructions to have a safe and fun outing.

2. Watercraft Helmets

As important as life jackets are, the helmets that come with it play a very crucial role as well. Head injuries are a major cause of accidents in water sports. It is primarily very important to safeguard the head and ensure nothing happens even in case of brutal accidents. For the same purpose, water sports have a watercraft helmet. These helmets are specially manufactured to protect the head from injuries if a person is thrown off from the jet ski. It also helps to protect the individual from all the materials and objects that can harm the head in case of accidents. It is a compulsion to wear helmets before setting foot inside the water for an adventure sport.

 3. No alcohol and drugs when on a Jet Ski

Alcohol has proven to cause the greatest number of water sport accidents. When an individual is intoxicated, it is very difficult for them to have the right judgment and coordination. Precision is very important for a fun yet dangerous sport like jet skiing. Having alcohol and entering the water can hamper the reaction time and the focus of the individual. This leads to faulty moves and fatal accidents. It is always good to maintain a calm composure, learn the techniques right, and then dive in for the activity. There are no hard and fast rules to abide by as water scenarios keep changing. Hence, it is important to grasp the techniques and methods to carry on with the same.

4. Speed thrills, but kills

Speeding is known to be another leading cause of accidents on a jet ski. It is exciting and adventurous to speed while the water lashes back at you with rage and intensity. The jet ski won’t take a minute to topple over when one loses the command over it. These have proven to be extremely fatal in many cases. It is always better to play safe than regretting scenarios that could have been avoided.

As much as speeding boosts the adrenaline, it is always good to maintain a low speed.  It is better to play the safe card and maintain a good distance from fellow members on the jet ski. Colliding and clashing can also lead to wrong happenings to an extent where the jet skis have caught fire. It is nice to enjoy a good summer in the clear water with happy memories than ones that will change your life forever.

5. As a beginner, what does one have to do?

Mastering an art takes time. Every individual starts from scratch and reaches a good place after a quality amount of time. As beginners playing a water sport, it is always mandatory to follow the methodologies and instructions. Even if something goes wrong, one must not panic or worry. It is important to watch, learn, and practice and not get carried away by the excitement. Wearing a swimwear/suit and water shoes behaves as protective gear and helps to maintain the grip while providing ease and comfort. Jet skiing is a very risky sport and causes soreness across the upper body regions due to the pressure applied while throttling. It is important to maintain a decent speed and not stop the jet ski in the water. As a beginner, it is better to sit and ride the jet ski to get used to the rhythm and to maintain coordination.

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