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Impacts of Alcoholic on the Life of a Child

The ugliest thing about alcoholism is that every alcoholic thinks that his addiction is not affecting anyone. The truth is alcoholism effect on family, friends, and everybody around you. Countless studies have shown statistic data on how alcoholic parent can scar their children for life....
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5 Tips to Childproof a Swimming Pool Area at Your Home

Image source: Pixabay A swimming pool adds beauty and interest to a backyard as no other feature can. And swimming is healthy fun for young and old. But according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s 2018 report, nearly 400 children under the age of...
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How to Plan a great Kids happy Birthday Party

It’s quite important when sending out your invitations that you make sure you ask parents to notify you of any allergies and intolerance their kids might have. It’s worthwhile staying away from anything which includes nuts, such as peanut butter and try and steer clear...
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How to raise a polite child?

Have a kind child who care about others – that is the ultimate goal for most of the parents. A compassionate kid usually has more friends and it is much more probable that he will care for his parents when they are in real need....
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