What Are the Benefits of Temporary Educational Buildings?

Temporary classrooms are becoming the best alternative to traditional concrete structures. They are easy to set up, cost-effective, and offer a conducive learning environment for schools that are running out of space. As the world continues to battle a raging global pandemic, some schools are looking for extra space to accommodate a growing number of pupils.

The good news is that when things return to normal post-COVID, schools can erect temporary steel buildings from scratch without interrupting their normal lessons. Portable classrooms are here to stay, and they can be seen to provide amazing benefits.

Why schools need temporary educational buildings

  •       Flexibility

For learning institutions that lack the space to accommodate students, temporary educational buildings can satisfy their needs at a lower cost. Unlike concrete structures, portable classrooms can be relocated as and when the need arises.

It means that a school can install temporary buildings anywhere, anytime. For example, if the number of pupils drops dramatically, a school can choose to remove its temporary structures. This flexibility is impossible with permanent concrete blocks.

  •       Unlimited design options

No matter where you want to erect your portable school building, you will have endless design options to choose from. Based on the unique needs of your school, a temporary classroom can be furnished with amazing features and colours. Some designs even allow schools to add HVAC and security systems.

  •       Quick installation

Emergency situations demand rapid solutions. And so when your school is in dire need of more classrooms, it’s wise to invest in temporary educational buildings from Smart-Space. A temporary classroom can be constructed much faster than building conventional permanent structures.

Based on the immediacy of the accommodation issue you are facing a temporary steel building may just be the easiest way to go. Although project timelines vary, a full classroom can be completed within 12 weeks.

  •       Cost savings

Modular classrooms aren’t always less costly than conventional buildings. However, you can get bespoke steel structures at cheaper prices if you choose Smart-Space UK. Temporary educational structures are designed to withstand wear and tear. They also guarantee you value for money.

How are temporary school buildings useful?

  •       Boost your health

Experienced contractors are able to install environmentally friendly school buildings that won’t pose health risks to students. Depending on the customization you want, a portable classroom can come with improved ventilation systems and natural lighting.

  •       Energy-efficient

Cut down your energy bills by choosing optimized temporary buildings for a wide range of applications such as school offices, sports facilities, and classrooms.

  •       Comfort and protection

Steel buildings from Smart-Space comply with local building regulations. Moreover, you don’t have to struggle to obtain planning permission.


Temporary educational structures have been gaining attention in recent years because of the unrivalled flexibility they offer to schools. Unlike brick-and-mortar classrooms, prefab buildings allow schools to expand their campus accommodation facilities without altering their academic calendars. If you are looking for flexible educational buildings to meet your increasing school population, look no further than Smart-Space UK.

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