Mazda 6 2018 has new style with eye catching and more prominent than the old

Mazda recently launched the 2018 Mazda 6 model with eye-catching design, modern technology and many conveniences. The Mazda 6 was born a few years ago and is loved by many consumers around the world. Although the appearance has not changed much, special points have been changed on the Mazda 6 version 2018 that made them debut has been rated hot.

With the facelift of last year, in the 2018 version, the Mazda 6 did not change design with only a handful of minor changes difficult to spot when viewed normally. The most recognizable change of the Mazda 6 2018 is at the head of the car, with a grille with chrome-plated bars instead of black as the current version. The body of the Mazda6 2018 has absolutely no change. Only the integrated turbocharger on the exterior mirror and the high-grade Gray Grayscale from the new CX-9 are also new on the Mazda6 2018. Furthermore, Mazda 6 2018 has some upgrades in terms of equipment in which the most notable is the G-Vectoring Control.

Similar with the Mazda3, the 2018 Mazda 6 is equipped with a new G-Vectoring Control engine from the Japanese automaker, which controls the torque control to keep the car steady, avoiding loss drive when cornering as well as straight. This is the company’s new technology, first applied on two sedans. Basically, G-Vectoring is a technology in which the car automatically adjusts the torque to the wheels, while increasing, as the vehicle slides to the smoothest and smoothest corner, responds accurately and safely to degrees. This system is part of Mazda’s famed Skyactiv Vehicle Dynamics solution, first introduced on the Mazda6, to help keep the car running smoothly, avoiding loss of steering when cornering as well as on the road. Simply, the G-Vectoring system is capable of automatically increasing / decreasing the torque transmitted to the wheels, to ensure a smooth, responsive and smooth ride.

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