Know about .DLL File?

What is DLL File?

A DLL short for Dynamic Link Library, A Dynamic Link Library is a small piece of software code that is responsible for doing a simple task for a wide range of different applications inside the Windows operating system of your PC. These libraries generally have the DLL, OCX or DRV File extension. DLL file is a file that contains instruction through which other program can call to perform certain operation. It is Useful because they allow a program to separate its individual component into unique module. Then it can be added or removed to include or exclude certain feature. If the software works with DLL files then the program can use less memory because it does not have to load everything at the same time.

How DLL file get corrupts

There are various reasons that are responsible for the DLL file corruption. Here we will discuss about the cause behind DLL file corruption:

  • Sometimes installing a program can replace existing DLL files with older files. This often happens when installing completely new software on a Windows computer. When this happens, programs that share this specific DLL file will start to experience errors, because of the “new” file that does not have the data needed to run.
  • Defective and defective hardware, usually hard disks, can corrupt files that are in use. This happens when the bad hard drives work and corrupt the files in use. Sometimes a bad memory of the computer can also corrupt DLL files. On other occasions, the registry and its DLL files may become corrupt due to wrong behaving applications or software.
  • The most common reason for corrupted DLL files is system infestations by the foregoing. These programs can “worm” in the Windows registry and corrupt or completely replace existing DLL files. When this occurs, Windows becomes much more prone to DLL errors and may even stop working properly.

Error message found after DLL File corruption

List of some common DLL error that occur in the system are:

Ieframe.dll Error “missing and not found” error message: Ieframe.dll is an important DLL file that is used by internet explorer. The main function of this file is to translate the HTML code of webpage into the language which the novice users can understand better. Sometime, this DLL file get corrupts then you may see “missing and not found” error messages

Ntdll.dll Error “STOP: c000021 unknown hard error”: the Ntdll.dll is a genuine Dynamic Link Library which is stored in the c:\windows\system32. It is referred as “NT Layer DLL”. It contains main function of the Windows Kernel. If it get corrupts then it starts showing “Unhandled exception occurred error” or “STOP: c000021 unknown hard error”

Kernel32.dll Error “not found error“:The KERNEL32.dll file is a 32-bit DLL file that is used in Windows to manage memory, input and output operations, synchronization, interrupts, and process creation. If this DLL files get corrupts or delete then Kernel32.dll Error “not found error“appears on the screen.

Urlmon.dll  “Not Found or missing” Error : Urlmon.dll   error message appears on the screen this means the DLL files get inaccessible or operating system unable to fetch this files. Sometimes, this error indicates the registry entry issues or hardware failure.

Hal.dll “missing or corrupt” Error”: the Hal stands for Hardware Abstraction Layer. It it a interface between software and system’s hardware. Sometimes, this DLL files get corrupts or damaged then you may notice Hal.dll “missing or corrupt” Error on the screen.

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