Future of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is ever-changing, and it is challenging to keep up with the latest in SEO. However, ignoring the importance of SEO in generating high-quality leads could be futile. Close to eighty per cent of users focus on the organic result and completely ignore the paid results, which shows that it is well worth the effort to be on the top of the game.

SEO tactics like keyword stuffingand other black hat SEO practices are obsoleteand no longer usedif used; they could adversely impact website rankings. Other changes made by Google algorithm like pigeonupdateslaunched in 2014 gave prominence to local searches,and websites included local search keywords in ranking better.

These are some instances that make a strong case for consistently updating SEO practices to optimise on the latest developments in the Digital marketing arena.

Artificial intelligence and voice assistance

Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming smarter by the day and are continually looking for quality signals like click-through rates and time spent on pages from their end-users. User experience signals tracked by AI will ultimately become the basis of all google rankings. A good website with excellent user experience and authoritative content ensures that only engaging and authoritative content makes it to the SERPs. Improving page strength by working on the readability and backlinks has never been more critical.

Voice search is another technological innovation gaining popularity and changing the way people search;it has become convenient to search using long and natural-sounding keywords. It is imperative to optimise the websitesfor the same.SEO strategies will no more be about keyword stuffing but getting into your customers’ skin and choosing the right keyword. Market estimates show that voice-based shopping will grow to forty billion by 2022.

Sound SEO strategies have always been about updating knowledge about how search engines work and what they are looking for in good relevant content. It may seem like a daunting task,but it is worth the effort; SEO experts in Adaptify help businesses formulate an effective SEO strategy.

Mobile searches are gaining prominance

Searches are increasingly happening on mobile phonesrather than desktops; keeping this in mind in 2019,Google introduced mobile-first indexing, making mobile version the primary version instead of desktop. Therefore,it is essential to optimise websites for mobile devicesto rank better on the SERPsGooglehas also started ranking responsive websitesbetter on search engines results.

Videos and should be an integral part of content strategy

Besides textual content and imagery,video content’s increasing popularitysuggests that video should be an integral part ofthe content strategy.

User Experience (UX) has to be central to SEO strategy

User experience is central to the way Google Algorithms update themselves. Since all SEO strategies continuously align themselves to the Google algorithms, UX must take centre stage in all SEO strategies. SEO is technical, and there is little room for innovation; it is also essentialto keepcustomer interest and customer personaat the forefront while designing the SEO strategy.

Influencers will play an important role.

Even with the best SEO strategy,authoritative and trustworthy content, it is worth noting that your websites compete against millions of other websites for keyword rankings;SEO strategies take time to materialise and start showing results. Influencers can play a crucial role in attracting the audience for you. At this stage, it is essential to choose the right influencer to promote your business


There have been dramatic changes in both customer search habits and technological interventions to better user experiences. Each day different topics catch user attention; the trending keywordsa few months back are no longer performing, and users ask questions they haven’t asked before. The only way to be the master in the SEO game is to monitor the trends and adapt to the developments.

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