Quitting Pot tips: How do u stop wanting to smoke weed so much?

It is not a surprise that smoking marihuana can have several health benefits. However, the excessive intake of any substance can turn harmful, and marihuana is not the exception. It is very easy for a consumer of weed to become an addict thanks to a substance called “THC”. Read more on how to stop smoking pot here.Even though everyone is different, there are certain methods that can help you overcome this dangerous addiction. Here you have a couple of tips to quit once and for all:

The Cold Turkey

This is a very simple but difficult step when overcoming an addiction. It is the process of halting your smoking habit. It sounds easy to do but remember that when you are addicted to marihuana, you just can’t “quit”. Perhaps you are mentally strong enough for this process but you must take into account another important factor: your body’s needs. THC can remained stored for weeks and even months after you last smoked. So, whenever you cut off your daily supply overnight, the withdrawal symptoms can become hard to resist.

Medical Assistance

As of now, there isn’t a proven medication that can be prescribe to treat marihuana dependence. But you can most certainly treat the various withdrawal symptoms like irritability, depression, insomnia and headaches. It is normal to feel frightened about the withdrawal period but if you talk to your doctor, you can find a smart and efficient way to stay away from weed and to avoid unpleasant side-effects.

Rehabilitation Method

This is widely known around the world but what people don’t know is that it is reserved for the heavy smokers and some extreme cases. Rehab is a process that will require huge financial and timing commitments for long periods of time. This means that you are going to put your whole life on hold until you surpass this problem. Rehab involves intense treatment, expert doctors, and counselling.

Cut the supply and get rid of the paraphernalia

If you are really committed to living free of this addiction, then you must completely cutting off the supply and delete your marihuana contacts. This is priority #1. Likewise, get rid of your stash, but don’t smoke it. Furthermore, throw away all the stuff which smell like weed meaning the pipes, rolling papers, grinders etc.

Make Exercise

Introducing exercise to your daily routine is a mandatory activity to overcome marihuana addiction. It is a biological process which releases endorphins thus making your mind and body think that all your tension is going away and you don’t need to relax by doing “something” else.


This is the best option when wanting to defeat an addiction like smoking weed. If you consider that you are not an excessive smoker, and that your addiction can be handle through therapy, talking, and counselling. Remember that recognizing the problem and talking about it with a professional practitioner is a very important step and it can be the end of your problem.

The reasons to quit smoking weed are many and these usually change according to people. Getting rid of the withdrawal symptoms can be something hard but not impossible. Think about your future now before it is too late.

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