Your Go-To Green Chef Review

Because of the huge popularity of Green Chef, there have been several Green Chef reviews conducted. However, many of them seem to focus only on individual sections such as the healthy choices. Sure, eating healthy has always been a good idea and when Green Chef hit the market they were able to take it to a whole new level.

With Green Chef, the company provides a subscription-based meal delivery service concentrating on diets that are healthier. When you receive your order from Green Chef you will love that it includes ingredients that are sustainable which makes them perfect for every meal that you create. Every ingredient that goes into Green Chef meals have been certified as organic and meal preparation is only half an hour. Every order provided by Green Chef comes complete with instructions and recipes as well as all of the necessary main dishes, sauces, sides, and vegetables. The only thing that you need to remember is to follow the preparation instructions in order to enjoy all of the meals. Green Chef subscribers have several options when it comes to the meal plans that are offered and which focus on a variety of diets such as paleo, balanced, ketogenic, and plant-based. When you start subscribing to Green Chef you are making a better financial decision when compared to always eating out, regardless of how busy your schedule may be.

How does Green Chef work?

While signing up, you are given the opportunity to select the number of recipes that you wish to receive each week. Every meal comes with a recipe that includes at least two servings, which is determined by what you choose. For plans designed for at least two, there are a minimum of three weekly meals and at least two meals come weekly for a party of four.

As part of your subscription you get to select the meals that suit you based on the plan that you selected. These meals will then be sent the week after ordering. The service also allows you to make changes easily if you want to. In order for changes to be effective you must complete them before the deadline, which is seven days. If you wish to skip a delivery you can too, but only to a maximum of five weeks’ worth.

What does Green Chef Cost

The cost of a Green Chef subscription is determined by the plan that you select and the amount of orders you plan to have delivered. So, let’s say you order their plan known as plant powered. With this plan, each meal within it costs $11.99 and the box costs $78.93. However, the more that is ordered weekly, you will notice the price drop below $10/meal and $67 for the box. With the Lean & Clean you will be paying $12.99 for each meal or $85 for each box. Learn more about Green Chef meal service.

If you think about it, the pricing structure that Green Chef uses can seem complicated at first. This is especially true when you believe that you’ll be paying one price and end up paying a lower one. But regardless, you do seem to be on the winning end as far as cost goes. This is nice until you add more people to the plan once you have been ordering for a while. Once you begin to add more individuals you will see the serving cost for your plan increase to over $10 each if your plan has four servings.

What Type of Meals Do Green Chef Offer

Overall, the meal selection with Green Chef is excellent in comparison to other meal delivery services. They offer plans that accommodate all kinds of diets and dietary needs. To have an idea of the plan that are offered, we have listed a few of them below.

• The Family Plan
• Mediterranean
• Heart Smart
• Paleo
• Omnivore
• Keto
• Plant-powered
• Lean & Clean
• Pescatarian
• Gluten-free

It is also good to know that the menus that Green Chef offers at least five new changes weekly, which can provide nice variety if you want something new. Although these additions may seem very little, it can be considered a lot when it comes to a weeks’ worth of food. Also, you always have the choice to change plans if you decide that you need more from a plan. The entrees that are offered are delicious and they will easily have you satisfied and full. A few of the entrees that you can enjoy include roasted parmesan Dijon salmon, Cuban steaks in a mojo sauce, orzo pasta in a basil miso sauce, and sausage with creamy pesto pasta.

Conclusion Remarks

You may think that Green Chef reviews are easy to conduct, however that is not always the case. There is a lot to include so that the information is accurate and up to date. With current information, you will be able to make better informed decisions for yourself. That way you can decide on the plans that work for you. Once you make your decision, you will begin to enjoy the ingredients that go into the meals and agree with us when we say that their quality is superior and focuses on healthy eating. Every recipe is simple to make and takes a short amount of time for preparation. You will fall in love with the portion size, which also allows for easy cooking. The cost for meals is reasonable and differs between plan types and the number of portions you desire weekly. In the end, Green Chef really does hold up to what they offer their customers.

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