How advertising and marketing English are different from general English?

In an era of technological development, today’s advertising is not only encapsulated on TV channels but also in viral videos on YouTube or well-known campaigns from international brands.

Since then, the study of specialised advertising English is extremely necessary in an industry that keeps innovating.

The advertising industry has always been known as a challenging world full of surprises. Therefore, businesses in this industry look for candidates who have a desire for learning, are diligent but also creative.

However, do not mistakenly think that there are no technical terms in advertising. Despite being creative, advertising is still an industry where the “artists” are working with business standards.

You might be familiar with concepts like branding, copy-writing, billboard or more specialised terms such as brand development index (BDI), cost per point (CPP) and integrated marketing communications (IMC), which will make you spend less time searching for information.

The advertising industry cannot be separated from marketing; the specialised English words in advertising will often be found in specialised marketing titles. However, you should not simply focus on books and forget that the world is changing day by day. Continuously updating the latest industry news as well as exploring reports and surveys in the industry will be the best way to catch up with trends and review book knowledge.

Studying English and majoring in advertising will help you become a professional in the sector.

Besides, one of the best ways to improve your English is to hear how specialised words are being used. You can watch videos about learning English online, or pay attention to news related to the industry.

Furthermore, do not worry too much if you do not understand anything the first few times! Listen and find the keywords that are being emphasized and repeat them many times. Then, understand them in context or use English a dictionary to look them up.

Reading is also a good way to increase the knowledge of specialised vocabulary. There are many ways and resources for you to pick up these terms, in addition to journalism; you can find eBooks that synthesize specialized English vocabulary. Opt English for marketing course is available free of charge.

Advertising and marketing English are not easy to learn, so we hope that, after this reading, you will have learned something more.

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