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Mac is the famous Operating System with highly advanced features all over the world. It is very secure and most demanded OS. But, it comprises single volume. So, due to this reason user wants extra partition on their Mac system in respect to organize the data safely without any interruption. Some users resolve this problem in other way like they buy new hard drives for extra partition but users also want to have partition into separate volumes to store data effectively. For keeping user’s mind experts developed effective tools to solve the entire problem of users related to Mac partition.

Partition Manager Tool is that tool which provides entire features to partitioning the drive of Mac system. The Partition Manager Tool is one of the most useful software to perform basic partitioning tasks on Mac hard drives, such as creating partitions, deleting partitions, resizing partitions, and hiding partitions. There are several unique features, including move and resize options. Users can add multiple spaces together to move partitions and create new partitions. The software uses the Hide and Publish option to provide data safety and privacy.

Additional Advantage of Partition Manager Tool

Create Bootable Media: You can create bootable media that can be used to perform partitioning operations on the boot drive. You should back up your important data before working with the boot drive. This software is supported on all Mac OS versions.

Reveal/Hide Partition: This reliable software allows you to hide a partition anytime to conceal your important information or make it inaccessible to any unauthorized person for safety reasons. Whenever you want it unhides or mount, you can easily do it by Reveal option.

Format Partition: If you make new partition and after some time you wish to wipe off entire data present on a particular volume. This software helps to get rid of any unwanted programs or virus from the drive and make your data safe.

Features of Partition Manager Tool

You can easily create or add partition on your Mac system and comes with the effective GUI (GUI).

You can separate the storage space from the hard drive and safely create the partition without loss of data. You can also organize your hard drive data perfectly.

It is capable of hard disk partitioning up to 80 GB.

It is capable of managing multiple operating systems and offers options for modifying partitions.

It is also able to recover deleted partitions, put your file safely and make privacy to selected files.

You can easily adjust the size of the Boot Camp partition so that both Windows OS and Mac OS X have the appropriate partition size. You can also connect NTFS-formatted PC drives and resize partitions as needed.

Software Specification

System needs Intel Processor, minimum 1 GB memory, Hard Disk up to 50 MB of free space. This software supports on macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6 Operating System.

User Guide

At first, select a drive, Enter volume name, Size and format to add new partition

After selecting the drive, click on delete option. Task is ready for process, click start to run the task

Again select drive and click on format option. After clicking on format option, the task is ready to process then click Start to run the task

User can add various partitioning task on the selected drive. Click Start to run batch process

Use the cursor of the mouse to trim or expand the partition of desired size on the Partition Edge. After that, click start to run the process

To create the Bootable disk image, select Startup drive and click Continue to proceed. This software will prompt you to choose location.for more info:

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