Baltimore Jeweler: Offering Jewelry as Gift for Men

Jewelry for men is a respectable present. A ring, watch, bracelet, or cufflink made of precious metals indicates the status of a man. Each of these items is an important element of style. It not only emphasizes the individuality of the owner but also confirms his success. Even in ancient Egypt and Rome, decorating themselves with rings, men declared their status. The ring was a symbol of power and spoke of belonging to the elite of society. Jewelry as a gift to a man will emphasize your attitude to a man and, of course, will please him. But, like when choosing any other gift, you need to buy them for the appearance, style, and lifestyle of a man. 


Classic rings are smooth or with a slight ornament. Most often they are made of gold or white gold without stones. If you pick up a ring for a man, it should correspond to the dimensions of his hand and not seem miniature. These are also massive rings with one large stone or several small. It is better if they are with clear, sharp edges. For the base of the ring, blackening, gilding, silvering are used.


These are trendy jewelry for men. They are combined not only with free informal clothes but also with a business suit. Chain bracelets are considered status accessories. But more often you can find leather products with precious stones.


A sufficiently noticeable decoration on the man’s hand. However, according to the rules of etiquette, they should not be evident, but only complement the general style of clothing. Therefore, from a variety of options, choose a design and color that matches the color scheme that a man most often wears. A watch with a dark leather strap will suit a business suit. The dial can be round, square, rectangular or barrel-shaped.


This jewelry for men is always restrained in design and have geometric contours. They are most often made of white gold, platinum, silver or medical steel. Take a closer look at the earring worn by the man and buy a new one as a gift in the same style.


Usually, it is done on the face: eyebrow, nose, lips, tongue. Insert earrings in the form of rings, half rings, chains. Optimum models of small size and weight to less damage the skin. Tongue piercing, choose a one-piece, without stones, which will not scratch the palate.


It is important to combine them with the rest of the man’s accessories: a watch, a tie, a wedding ring. Most often, cufflinks are selected for the watch. They should have a common color scheme or be made of one material, for example, silver or gold. Cufflinks that match the tone of a shirt or tie also look good.

Nelson Coleman offers all these and more at a reasonable price for you to gift your father, boyfriend or husband. 

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