5 Great Resources for Aspiring Teachers

This article provides resources designed to aid future teachers.

While teaching is a valued profession, more and more teachers are leaving the career due to high stress and burnout. It is important to have a good professional support system to help you navigate the journey. The resources listed here are meant to be helpful resources related to the teaching profession.


ProTeacher.net has forums specifically designed for newer teachers to discuss any questions and concerns with older teachers that have been in the profession longer. ProTeacher offers a space for teachers of all levels to give and take advice, share best practices, and come up with solutions to common problems.


Fishbowl is a social network application designed for teachers to have transparent conversations with one another. Popular topics on the app include teacher pay, classroom supplies, teacher strikes, and even their love of other teacher-specific services like Teachers Pay Teachers. On Fishbowl, verified teachers advise one another on work-related problems, as well as socialize with their co-workers and other professionals working in the industry. The online network of verified teachers allows users to get discreet advice and make meaningful connections.

The Education Forum

The Education Forum is another extensive teacher-focused forum made to create a fun and friendly environment where teachers can interact. The Education Forum also has subject specific message boards on subjects such as History, Sociology, Math, and Science to help teachers of the same subject connect.


On the HigherEdJobs site, teachers can access advice and news, career resources, and job listings. The site also has a series of webcasts which can be especially helpful for teachers trying to break into the profession!


K12JobSpot is an extensive job board where prospective teachers could explore and research lists of jobs based on preference factors such as location and position. K12JobSpot provides profiles of school districts to help teachers understand the context of their role: Student Teacher Ratio, Student Population, Upcoming Events, District Insights.

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