8 Best Task Management Apps for Mac in 2020

Sometimes you can get so busy with even more tasks awaiting your attention to the extent where you’re feeling very close to burning out. 

To prevent this from happening, getting a task management app can be very useful in scheduling and reminding you of any urgent tasks that need to be handled. What tools are available for Mac users in the category of task management? Here are the top 8 tools that Mac users can utilize for their everyday tasks:

  1. Trello

Trello is incredibly useful task management software. It has been counted amongst industry-leading software of this kind. A lot of people who wonder how to choose the best calendar app for Mac often choose Trello as the top solution. 

The tool has great features such as organizing tasks using cards, delegating work to other team members, and keeping track of the entire workflow. Trello also schedules and creates reminders for any tasks or events that are in pipeline.

  1. Wrike

Wrike is mostly targeted at small to medium-sized enterprises. The tool helps manage tasks much easier without wasting a lot of time following up or assigning the work. You can create simplified workflows that get the job done with Wrike. 

Remote teams can also collaborate with the office much easier on their tasks. That type of collaboration makes it easier for managers and supervisors to monitor and keep track of their remote workforce performance benchmarks also.

  1. Jira

Jira has been used mostly by agile teams that require interactive and helpful task management software. This software assists with scheduling, planning, and reminding team members of outstanding tasks. 

Project managers can assign tasks relative to team members. The entire team can also use filters to see work throughout its different phases. For example, team members can see work that is in progress, that has been done, and tasks that are not handled yet.

  1. Omnifocus

Omnifocus is an amazing tool that has great features for managing tasks. The tool focuses greatly on scheduling tasks and keeping track of each one until it has been done. You can also add tags to the tasks that are due to keep track of them according to their respective categories. 

With Omnifocus, you can schedule events such as meetings and get reminders alongside the material needed for each event. The tool can also automate some of the tasks that have been scheduled using AI technology.

  1. nTask

nTask is a task management tool equipped to handle more complex tasks effortlessly. The tool can be used by project managers to handle tasks and keep track of what has been done.

With nTask you can even prepare and share Gantt charts with modernistic interfaces. You can even use this tool when working with another team to collaborate on a project. Other features include creating checklists, scheduling meetings, and providing timely reminders.

  1. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote can be considered as one of the most powerful task management tools available on Mac devices. You can write notes on this platform and create tasks that offer timely reminders. Additionally, you can add media and documents to tasks and reminders. 

OneNote has been hailed by many as the golden standard of task management and it’s true. You can sync your account with various devices for greater convenience. iOS and Android devices can also be synced with OneNote, offering users a mobile experience.

  1. Todoist

Todoist caters to Mac users that also use other devices either at work or for personal purposes. You can easily integrate your calendar and other task management tools. Another useful integration is its capability to connect with Slack. 

If you use Slack at work, this can make things very convenient for yourself. Todoist can be integrated with a variety of other platforms on its beautiful and easy to navigate UI. You can look for plugins and integrations most relevant to yourself and start using this tool.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is the ultimate tool for keeping both your professional and personal life in order. This tool has great features ranging from taking notes and including almost any type of media on the note. 

For example, when you are writing a note that references images or a PDF document, everything will be available with just one tap on your screen. Most importantly, you can set reminders of events, making it easy to keep track of everything currently happening and upcoming events.

The bottom line

Trying to juggle a lot of tasks at the same time does not have great results. That is why you need to schedule and set reminders for each task. Sometimes delegating may be the best option. To get this done, you need the best task management software available that satisfied your requirements best. You can choose any of the ones mentioned above because of their reliability and strong performance.

Author Bio:
James Dorian is a technical copywriter. He is a tech geek who knows a lot about modern apps that will make your work more productive. James reads tons of online blogs on technology, business, and ways to become a real pro in our modern world of innovations.
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