How Link-in-bio Tools Help Marketers and Business Owners to Promote their Brands on Instagram

Have you ever used Instagram to promote your brand? It is quite likely to start a promotion campaign on Instagram. After all, is there a better media than this to promote the brand? The point is that, in order to have good results, it is necessary to go further and also think about the link-in-bio tools.

Because? The answer is simple: this information supports the research of a potential customer. Before buying a product or service, it is normal for him to do a detailed search to understand the business and make sure that he will solve your problem. With the link-in-bio tools, you make the brand promotion process more transparent and show that your brand is reliable.

Let’s see in detail what is link-in-bio tool:

What is link-in-bio tool?

The Instagram, despite being cheered – for digital marketers – it is not perfect! One of its disadvantages is the fact that it does not allow inserting links in the feed publications.

What users usually do is to direct followers to access the link in the bio. Since this is the only place where you can use the feature, then it needs to be put to good use.

But in addition to inserting the link in the bio, you need to know what to disclose, always thinking about the brand’s marketing objectives.

As you may already know – the Instagram doesn’t allow you to place more than one. This could be a problem for those who want to disclose more than one links in the bio, but it is not!

The solution is to use link-in-bio tools. They allow you to include multiple links on a single page.

There are several tools that do this; one of them is LinkPeak – which is totally intuitive and easy to use.

In addition to the links, some of them have support, access to data such as clicks, views and link traffic, integrations, customizations etc.

What to disclose in the link-in-bio tool on Instagram?

Now that you know link-in-bio tool, the time has come to plan what to disclose to generate engagement, clicks and conversions.

Here are some ideas to use in this tool:

  • Publicize the brand’s channels (website, blog, social networks);
  • Highlight the most well-known or sold product;
  • Draw attention to brand launches;
  • Publicize a promotion or a discount;
  • Direct users to a landing page;
  • Promote strategic blog posts;
  • Insert additional information about the brand;
  • Publicize campaigns and sweepstakes;
  • Direct user to a video or podcast;
  • Promote the online store;
  • Offers a free sample of the product.

5 features of link-in-bio tools to optimize your brand promotion on Instagram

Using these features is a way to attract followers and visitors to your Instagram profile. At the same time, it strengthens your authority towards potential customers. There are still other features link-in-bio tools. Among them are:

  1. Generating direct traffic to the website

Putting the links in this tool is a way to attract traffic to your website, your online store or anywhere you want. With this, you generate qualified traffic, since the person who clicks has a real interest in purchasing a product or service.

  1. Enhancing your website or your brand

Advertising your business on Instagram is a way to sell more. With the objective of monetization, any strategy that contributes to the results is positive. The multiple links shows your website and your brand to hundreds, thousands and even millions of people, it all depends on the scope of your profile. The consequence is the strengthening of branding.

  1. Impact on followers through ads

Investing in paid media is a good opportunity to bring quick results. As much as you need organic action, more focused on the long term, so, it is important to work with link-in-bio tools.

So, whenever a user accesses your company website or a related product or service, they then see an ad. The strategy ensures more traffic to the site and brings more visitors, even if no link is clicked. Thus, there is great sales potential.

  1. Access to Analytics

Having a business account allows you to access data and monitor the performance of publications. You can still see the increase in the number of followers and details, such as:

  • Division by gender;
  • Age group;
  • Major cities.

You can still see if the link is generating results or which one performs better. In addition, it checks whether adjustments to the strategy are necessary, whether sales targets are being met, whether qualified traffic is being generated and more.

  1. Public engagement

Using the link-in-bio tools to engage people is another possibility. You can leave the multiple URLs to advertise contests or gifts, highlight a specific blog or website post and favor access to a video.

As a result, you are more likely to strengthen your strategy and attract followers to sell more. It still presents what you want to achieve your sales goals. Thus, it monetizes more by offering diversified content. For example, videos are excellent for reinforcing a point of view and engaging followers, as they are more attractive.

With all this, it is clear that the link-in-bio is an urgent need for your company. However, more than entering a URL, it is worth entering more addresses with the help of a specialized tool. Access one of the best tool with the necessary link: Linkpeak.


When we talk about brand promotion with Digital Marketing and its tools, we are talking about a universe of incredible possibilities to help your business grow. And one of the tools most used by companies that have good social media management is link-in-bio tool for Instagram.

With this tool, you can use various strategies to publicize practically everything that involves your marketing and sales, placing several links in the Instagram Bio. You can disclose:

  • Social networks
  • Whatsapp
  • Site address
  • Blog Articles
  • Rich Materials
  • Events

As you can already see, this is an amazing tool and it has several startups that offer this free service. You can start using this tool today to increase your digital presence and facilitate communication with your customer.

Did you find it interesting and want to understand it better? Go with the necessary link: Features and see what advantages your business will have!

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