Do you know The Kind of Parfum to Purchase?


While there are so many parfum products in the market, most people will still get confused when it comes to buying the right scent for their needs. Therefore, before you jump in hook, line and sinker for the best fragrance Canada you come across, how about you get to understand the different things and terms used in the perfume world? First things first, parfum is a scented liquid that is worn directly on your skin to impart a pleasant odor. The right fragrance in such a case is one that complements and enhances your natural body odor without making it sound too obvious. The many reasons why people wear fragrance today is to make a personal statement, entice the opposite sex and to enhance and complement your mood.

How Parfum is made

Ideally, the process of making perfumes is unique to the designer and manufacturer as there are always secret components that go into making those distinctive fragrances. Generally, though, parfum is made up of plant-based and animal based aromatic compounds which are mixed into water and alcohol to come up with distinctive scents. It is the amount of scented matter put into the mixture that determines whether or not the end product will be cologne or a perfume. The aromatic part can be animal musk oils, botanical essential oils or sometimes synthetic scents made from various chemical compounds.

Aromatic Concentration in parfum

The highest concentration of scent will be found in an original “parfum” with the percentage ranging anywhere between 25 and 40 of uncontaminated scent. Worth noting though is the fact that this highly concentrated pure form of parfum is quite pricey in the market and will rarely be sold. It is no wonder most consumers will be left with the eau du parfum, normally having a 15-30 percentage of aromatic concentration. Closely related to this is the Eau du cologne which is lightly scented hence can be applied more liberally without feeling nauseated or having a headache because of a strong scent.


Oil Based Perfume

Unlike their alcohol-based counterparts, oil-based perfumes are known as perfume oil and their solvent matter here is oil rather than alcohol. Perfume oil is attractive to most people who have dry skin issues since the alcohol can be quite drying. That settled, parfum comes in many different sizes and shapes, and certainly that does not affect the quality of what is inside. It is not uncommon to find solid perfumes molded into tiny compacts to make them portable where they can fit into a handbag or tiny spaces for on-the-go applications.


It is highly recommended you buy your parfum from reputable stores. Luckily, you can get fragrance Canada online at the comfort and privacy of your home or office. The convenience that comes with online shopping and purchase of Fragrance is one that can never be under estimated. At the very least, you get to compare and contrast different designer brands and names, get to read reviews etc. so you can be able to find that perfect match of fragrance that will complement your personality.

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