4 Things to Consider While Traveling with Children

Taking your kids on a vacation is a great way to create beautiful memories and allow them to learn by exploring the environment. However, keep in mind that traveling with kids comes with responsibilities too. Ensuring their safety and comfort should be your top priority, especially if you have very young children.

The following are the things you should pay attention to when traveling with kids:

Health and Safety

Visiting crowded places like museums and theme parks is one of the most nerve-wracking parts of traveling. If you’ve traveled with your little ones before, you know how quickly a pleasant day can turn into a high-stress situation when someone gets hurt, cries constantly, or worse – get lost.

Here are some of the best tips for keeping kids safe while traveling:

  • Train your kids to stop when given a cue. It could be words or phrases like “No.”, “Stop!”, or “Come here.” Even toddlers can be taught to stop immediately when mom or dad calls.
  • Teach them to stay together. Remind your kids to be where mom or dad can see them.
  • Prepare their food. Make healthy homemade snacks that stay fresh for long, such as biscuits, fruit slices, bread, or dried fruits and nuts.
  • Keep a stash of hand sanitizers, alcohol, and disinfecting wipes
  • Have a plan on what to do in case the family gets separated.

Clothing & Comfort

Preparing your kid’s travel bag can be exhausting. You want to make sure they have everything they need. But then, you don’t want to overpack. Learning how to pack like a pro can save you time, effort, and headache on your next family trip!

Here’s a list of the clothing essentials for your child’s comfort:

  • Underwear and socks – don’t skimp on these items.
  • Bathing suits – for those lovely days at the beach.
  • Jacket – make sure each of your kids has a light, warm jacket that they can easily wear or remove, depending on the weather.
  • Versatile layers – pack light, comfy clothes that your kids can easily layer up.

Here are some travel outfit ideas for kids of all ages:


Long-sleeve onesies, fleece joggers, bib and burp cloth, wearable blanket, and soft booties or socks.


Pull-on jeans, cozy zip hoodies, long-sleeved T-shirts, and a pair of sturdy sneakers.

School-age kids

Leggings or joggers, jackets, t-shirts, and raincoats.


Just like you, your kids need comfortable travel shoes too. There’s likely a lot of walking and running around as you check out each museum, beach, park, and other popular attractions in your chosen destination. The guidelines for choosing comfortable shoes for men and women are similar to that of kids’ shoes.

  • Choose a pair of shoes that works well for all occasions.
  • Prioritize comfort over style. That stylish pair of shoes you saw online might look incredibly cute on your toddler but will it give enough protection and comfort to your child’s tiny feet?
  • Think about the activities you will do on the trip and make practical considerations when choosing what shoes to pack for your children. Check out the weather in your destination too. If you’re going somewhere warmer, opt for a lighter shoe, or a light flat or flip flop.
  • Look for qualities that make a good travel shoe. Kids’ shoes, just as men and women’s comfortable shoes, are comfortable but also easy to walk in. They are also lightweight and durable.

Accessories and Other Must-Haves

After preparing travel clothes and shoes for your children, it’s time to prepare other travel essentials for a safe, smooth, and comfortable journey.

  • Activity books and toys – kids get bored easily. Make sure you have these items handy especially when you have a long flight or drive ahead.
  • Stroller/carrier – if you have a toddler or an infant, bringing a lightweight stroller will make your life so much easier. If you’re flying, make sure your baby stroller is foldable and can fit into the cabin overhead compartment.
  • Snack containers – hungry children and grumpy children. Take note of that.
  • Inflatable cushion – kids love to sleep during flights or car rides. An inflatable cushion can save a lot of space in your bag or luggage.

If your kids are a little older, let them carry their own bags or backpack which should contain several essential items like wipes, face towels, snacks or food, toys, books, and a few pieces of clothes.


For fun and comfortable travel with kids, there are a few things you must consider. First are their health and safety. Next, is their travel clothes. Make sure they have enough light, comfortable clothes that are easy to layer up in case it gets chilly in the plane or your destination. Travel shoes are important too, along with other travel essentials and must-haves. By keeping in mind this list, you can be sure that everything goes well on your next family trip.

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