Top 10 Steps For an Effective Stand

When the main objective is to communicate what you do in a fair or event, relate and generate potential customers, the preparation of the stand can be a key success factor.

The stand is an element that must be careful so that exhibiting at a fair turns out to be a success, selects and prepares your stand in an orderly but creative way. It is carefully prepared, since it represents a tool to attract visitors and boost sales for Design and content, attention and presentation of the products. Do not leave any element free to improvisation!

Locate strategically;

The first thing you have to take care of is the space that your stand will occupy within the fair. With enough time in advance, ask for the plan of the fair, to choose your location based on access, circulation of visitors on ExpoMarketing, or neighboring stands that can attract a large audience. The best locations may involve an extra cost, but recoverable in image and contacts.

I chose the type of stand. Some fairs offer basic stand models or prearranged spaces on which to apply the image of your company, with relative low cost. A space with custom design, on the other hand, allows for greater customization but requires a larger budget.

Verify the facilities;

When choosing your location, do not forget that you have all the services you will require at the stand: Electricity, water, telephone. Think of all the connections you require, for example for screens,posters, luminaires, card readers, etc…

Arm your stand;

With due anticipation you have to guarantee that you have all the necessary resources to assemble the stand. Did you think if you have to hire additional staff for this task? Do you have the transport? Do you take materials to solve unforeseen events and make final adjustments? Do not forget also that you have to comply with all the requirements imposed by the organizing institution: Dimensions, insurance, materials, and security elements, among others.

General open spaces;

The idea is that the visitor is attracted to the stand of your company. Lighting and distribution is key in this regard. The best will be a space that allows circulation, since a counter or table ahead candiscourage the public to approach.

And the attention of the stand

The representatives of your company are the image of your business. I chose only the best! Energetic and enthusiastic. They should be willing to answer questions and inquiries, greeting, talking, selling … But be careful. A full stand does not invite you to approach, so there should not be many employees at the same time.

Focus on communicating the essentials;

The fairs themselves are spaces filled with messages, if you also overload the stand with everything you want to transmit, you will only distance the possible visitors. Choose the simplicity and focus on your target audience. Something that should not be missing is the image or the logo of your company. If the first contact is specified, the door remains open for everything else.

Show, more than count;

Make sure your stand is self-explanatory: Expose your products or use photos, videos, tablets and other elements to be explored by visitors, without depending on promoters or employees.

Opt for the novelty and creative;

The new tools usually attract curious visitors: Electronic card readers touch screens to interact with the company’s services, videos, and images. Think about the characteristics of your product and your customers to attract them in the most effective way. Use your creativity…

Take the necessary materials;

Prior to the fair, you should make a list with all those items that you cannot forget: Promotional items, cards, brochures, signage, electronic reader of business cards, notebook, printer, some furniture to store personal things. With the necessary equipment and preparation you can get the most out of the event.

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