Top Things to do in Jamaica

Jamaica is the place that is famously known for the richness of the lovely beaches and also the well-priced setting of the resorts.  So many of the travelers who make their way into Jamaica, they would not be attending away to catch the beauty of Jamaica beyond scenes of sun and sand. But this incredible looking island is for sure the perfect example of the beauty that would make you fall in love with this place. It is popularly known as the “Land of Wood and Water” that is complete boasting with the mountains as well as historic architecture and unexpected adventure excursions.

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Right here we will be enlisting with some of the top adventure places which you should not be missing out when visiting Jamaica. They are all incredible in their own zones and will leave you spell-bound with their own magical natural lands. Let’s have a look  at the best things to see and do in Jamaica.

  1. Devon House

On the top, we have the name of Devon House that is known out to be one of the well-known and yet the most significant national landmarks. This house is starting to be the landmark of the stately 19th century mansion that was previously mentioned to be the home to the island’s first black millionaire named as George Stiebel. It is not just striking with the history but at the same time, it is best with its decor and breathtaking outlook beauty as well. It draws the attention of millions of people towards it.

  1. Blue and John Crow Mountain National Park

You should not be missing out making the visit at the Blue and John Crow Mountain national park. This park has been rising on the island’s highest point at the height of 7402 feet. The blue mountains are the main attraction of the landscape beaches. It is all mixed together with the combination of the John Crow Mountains. It hence sprawls over 200,000 acres of tropical rainforest.

  1. Dunn’s River Falls

This has been one of the stunning examples to experience the beauty of Jamaica. It is the land of rivers and springs. It is mentioned to be one of Jamaica’s most dazzling hallmarks.  It is all the more flowing across just as more than 600 feet and one of the few rivers that flow directly straight away into the Caribbean Sea.

  1. Bob Marley Museum

Who does not recognize one of the greatest reggae icons of all time? Bob Marley Museum in Jamaica is the historical site and worth to visit in your tour. It is one of the most important highlights. This place is featuring with the dazzling aspects of the gold and platinum albums, studio workings and a life-sized hologram.

  1. Scotchies

Visiting Scotchies in Jamaica is the must requirement by your side. Scotchies is the process of grilling the meat just as over an open pit by means of the various seasonings that has been much copied but it is somehow not a real jerk. It is the wood and not the sauce that will be adding the sauce with the delectable flavor. You should be checking out the locations in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Kingston.

  1. Rafting on the Rio Grande

Mentioning on the next we will be adding with the name of Rafting on the Rio Grande! You will be taking yourself into the unforgettable experience of floating down the gentle waves on top of the bamboo raft. It is taken to be one of the deal ways to enjoy the area’s lush scenery.

  1. Rose Hall Great House

On the next, we have the superb Rose Gall Great House! This place is Jamaica’s most enduring legends and a tour through the restored 18th -century plantation house that hence conjures up the details of Annie. You can carry out with the day and night tours of the Montego Bay landmark that are available.

  1. Rick’s Cafe

How can be miss out mentioning with the name of Rick’s cafe that is another major attraction and place to visit in Jamaica. This place is regarded to be known as the popular location for cliff jumping. In the sunset time, this place is not less than a heaven destination.

  1. Mystic Mountain Jamaica Bobsled

This place in Jamaica has been completely inspired by the legendary Jamaican Olympic bobsled team. This attraction swoops down the mountain as all the way through the rainforest is driven by gravity. It is taken to be the exhilarating ride that combines Jamaican innovation and tropical landscapes.

  1. Doctor’s Cave Beach

On the last and not the least we have Doctor’s Cave Beach! It is prime located in the middle of the Montego Bay’s Hip Strip. It is not taken as the bathing club with pristine sands and also with the lively bar that is open to the public.

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