Easy and quick way to Troubleshoot JPEG/JPG Errors.

JPEG is one of the popular file format which stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is used to compress the digital images. This format will reduce the size of the files for storage, sharing as well as handling images on the web.  However, it occupies less space but sometimes it gets damaged. In such a situation, the file becomes inaccessible and starts to generate different types of error messages on the screen.

There are several reasons for JPEG file damage. Let’s look at some reasons for that.

Main reason for corrupted JPEG file:

  • Incomplete JPEG scan
  • Error in JPEG code and description
  • Damaged or corrupted header files
  • Bad sector of storage or portable media
  • Digital media infected with a virus also corrupts JPEG files.
  • Taking pictures with a low battery

There are many reasons for corrupted / damaged JPEG files, so errors are also different. Some of the following JPEG error lists are highlighted.

List of JPEG errors

The registry error value is invalid.

This error usually occurs during the upgrade from Windows 7/8 / 8.1 to Windows 10. The registry contains information about all programs and tells the system when a particular program is called or when some parameters are passed. When you access a JPEG file, the registry specifies the program to use to complete the operation and returns an error if the path is unknown to the program.

JPEG/JPG Error: No Preview Available:-

This type of error appears when your file is severely damaged. It is also possible that corruption in JPEG header file will also generate such error messages. Users should try chkdsk command to fix such issues.

JPEG Error # 53:

Generally JPEG error # 53 occurs when the Windows operating system is corrupted. If the system is slow, freezing, or slow in response time, JPEG error # 53 will be triggered. Other possible causes are RAM or hardware errors, excessive startup items, duplicate or unnecessary program installation, and so on.

Invalid JPEG marker type error

This figure represents an invalid JPEG marker type error. It means that you have not downloaded the photo from the web properly. In such a circumstances, it will start to display error message.

Invalid JPEG file structure (SOS missing marker):

If an invalid JPEG file structure error occurs, the orientation of the start scan may be incorrect. The header of a JPEG file is divided into segments, and each segment has a valid marker. A marker is a pair of bytes that identifies the start of image (SOI) and end of image (EOI) of an image, and displays an error if missing.

JPEG Error # 52:

JPEG Error # 52 usually occurs when the file is not a valid JPEG file. For example, a BMP image file is stored as image.jpeg.

JPEG Error # 41:

JPEG Error # 41 occurs when you try to access a file that no longer exists or has been modified. Sometimes it happens when you try to insert a file with a renamed extension and then try to access the file. Another reason is that the JPEG file you are trying to access is empty.

Bit error in JPEG scan:

Bit and byte errors in JPEG scans are one of the common errors users experience. This error occurs when a storage device is defective or some data is lost during the transfer process.

How to Fix JPEG Errors Easily?

If you are completely fed up with the aforesaid error messages then you need make use of  JPEG Recovery Software. It is one of the best programs which is capable to fix all the JPEG errors in just few clicks. This tool comes at affordable rates and supports easy-to-use interface. It can be easily handled by the non-technical users also. It will also guide the users to recover severely damaged or corrupted images of different formats also. This tool does not compromise with the quality of the recovered files. You can download the trial version of the software to check its working performance. If you are satisfied with its performance then buy the full version to protect your PC from all troubles.

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