Tips for New Students to Find an Apartment in Barcelona

Many international students choose to study in Barcelona because of the city’s innovativeness and Mediterranean climate. Further, students are attracted by the fact that you only need a few minutes to navigate through the city. Apart from the excellent universities, the city comes with beautiful beaches, friendly people, and good food.

Barcelona is a beautiful and viable place for students. It’s one of the most ideal study locations in the world and home to many young learners from various parts of the world. Barcelona offers the ideal combination of personal growth and adventure.

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Students will not only make numerous friends, but they will also learn about the diverse Barcelona cultures. Here are tips to help students find the best apartment in Barcelona

●       Know the Right Time to Search

Whether you find the right accommodation in Barcelona in the city or on the outskirts of the city, commuting won’t be costly. It’s worth mentioning that many rental facilities come with complex conditions for students. Often, they will be required to pay high initial disbursements which many students can’t afford.

The best time for students to look for apartments in Barcelona is between June and July. Avoid waiting until September to get accommodation. Rental in Barcelona is high in demand. Waiting until the last minute means that you may miss the ideal place that makes you feel comfortable. Study the map of Barcelona and choose where you want to live.

Do you want to live close to the study center or University? Do you prefer living in the central part of the city? One thing that students consider is the means of transport from their apartment to the University. It’s worth noting that public transportation in Barcelona is affordable and convenient.

Choosing a student apartment, therefore, could be the right idea. Ensure the apartment is managed by professional and experienced housing agents. You also want to ensure that water and electricity costs are included in the rent. Your preferred apartment should also have 24-hour surveillance.

●       Consider the Noise Level

Barcelona can become overly noisy, even at night. Garbage in Barcelona is collected between 1.00 and 3.00 am. This depends on where you live. What’s more, the streets in some areas are cleaned at night and the process can become too noisy denying you the serenity you need to study or sleep. If you live near the city center, you may have to grapple with grocery deliveries early in the morning and sometimes late at night.

●       Time Frame

How long will your studies take? Remember, renting in Barcelona in the long term is more valuable. This is because you get the chance to negotiate for better rates. This arrangement is better than the idea of paying rent every night as would be the case in a hotel. This helps you save money to do other important things.


Research extensively and create a list of all student apartments you like before narrowing down your options. Set aside time to review all the options on your list and compare the prices and the choices they offer you.

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