Dumpster Rental 101: How Does Dumpster Delivery Work?


A dumpster is known to be a moving garbage bin that is to be bought and taken away by a truck. This is commonly seen in a commercial area, apartment buildings, houses, small and large businesses and more.

What Does A Dumpster Do?

The very main thing that a dumpster do is to store rubbish. It holds that garbage until a garbage truck empties it. There are actually several uses of a dumpster. One is that it can hold all sorts of wastes. Another way you can use it is to use it as a recycling bin.

In most locations like schools, offices, apartment buildings, they use two or more dumpster to keep their wastes. These are emptied out by garbage trucks.

Types of Dumpster

There are different types of a dumpster that you can use. However, this will depend on where you are going to use it.

  • Ninety-five Gallon Dumpster – This is commonly used by small business and houses.
  • Mobile Construction Dumpster – This is a six cubic yard size dumpster which is commonly used for a small remodeling job. This is also used in a garage or a lawn-clean out.
  • Roll-off Dumpster – This is a large size dumpster trailer which measures from 10 to 45 cubic yards. This type is commonly used in demolition sites, renovations, factories, and large businesses. This is normally carried by a large truck whit hydraulic arms, These hydraulic arms are used to lift the container for loading and unloading of wastes.

What is Dumpster Delivery?

A dumpster that is delivered is one great way for you to manage all of your wastes at home or in your office. This is also commonly used in home renovation, project building, and more. This is a more convenient way because once that your dumpster is full, a dumpster rental company will come and empty it out for you. This way is better rather than having all your trash transported to the nearest garbage dump in your area.

However, there are many people who are still confused about this kind of method. Many people would ask if how does this dumpster delivery work or what should be your expectations and what are the things that you need to prepare. Because of this, we are going to show you here how dumpster delivery work.

How Dumpster Delivery Work

1.    Make the Arrangement

Of course, the very first thing that you should do is for you to talk to a dumpster rental service. After that you have successfully booked, you must also provide the time of the drop-off and the location. You also need to specify the period of time that you are going to rent a certain dumpster.

The amount that you are going to pay will depend on the length of the reservation and as well as on the distance of your drop-off.

2.    Be Ready for The Delivery

There is no need for you to spend hours on preparing for the delivery but you have to make sure that you are ready for it. All you have to do is to choose where you would want to place your dumpster. In choosing the location, you should also make sure that there are no any obstacles that will block the area where you will place your dumpster.

You must an area wherein you will have a quick access to your dumpster. Choosing the right area will be an advantage for you especially if you are going to dispose of appliances and furniture.

In other words, you have to make sure that you have an appropriate location on where you would want to set up your dumpster. Make sure that you can access it easily. You also have to know what kind of wastes that you are planning to dump. You can ask the company wherein you are going to rent a dumpster for the appropriate kind of dumpster for your wastes.

3.    Fill Up Your Dumpster

Once that your dumpster had been delivered to your house, you have all the mean how you can use it. For home and commercial areas, you will have a 12 cubic feet dumpster which is a good capacity for your waste product.

The terms of on using your dumpster will depend on the term of the rental service. There are some that do not require you to separate your trash and your recycling waste while there are some that require you to do so.

4.    Be Reminded of the Pick-Up Time

You have to make sure that you are aware of the pick-up time for your dumpster. Dumpster rental services will always be there on the pick-up time for your dumpster. In case that you need to extend your time or you have already filled your dumpster before the pick-up time, all you need to do is to inform the dumpster rental service so that they will be able to make an adjustment and can pick-up your waste immediately.

5.    Pay What You Owe

Once that the company has already collected your dumpster, then that will be the time that they will give you your invoice that you need to pay. There is some dumpster rental company that will only charge you for the space that you have used on your dumpster.

With this, you have to make sure that you have understood the terms and conditions of the company that you are getting rent a dumpster.

Final Say

This is how simple a dumpster delivery is. So, if you would want to rent a dumpster for your home, office, or apartment building, make sure that you get the most affordable yet has the best service to offer for you.

In case that you are residing around Miami, Dallas, Orlando, Houston, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, there is one rental dumpster that you can really rely on. You can visit their website at rentaldumpsters.org and make sure that you read all about the services that they can offer you for a dumpster rental.

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