Participate in a volunteer in Cambodia

Currently, many young people are in search of international volunteering. These programs are extremely beneficial, to volunteer is to contribute a grain of sand for the construction of a better planet and a more united society. In addition, it is a way to experience a new and different culture, thanks to the approach of volunteering, direct interaction with local people, coexistence and teamwork, the cultural experience is very enriching, and the personal growth of the volunteer is great , acquires a better knowledge about himself, about his abilities and ability to adapt, as well as a change of perspective regarding the value of material things, and the value of moments and people. To be a volunteer, you need to trust some agency, company, NGO … professional and experienced people, who will guide you along the way to make your dreams come true. Cooperating Volunteers is a great option, they offer a variety of destinations, and their staff is reliable, friendly and professional. Among one of the packages we have the volunteer in Cambodia.

Volunteering in Cambodia with voluntariado internacional

If you want to volunteer in Cambodia with Cooperating Volunteers, you have at your disposal a variety of programs, among which are: the child care program, the child care program with special needs, the teaching program, the teaching program Spanish, the medical program, the construction and renovation program. Each one has unique and special characteristics that benefit the local community and will allow you to make a difference in a vulnerable environment.

By participating in the volunteering in Cambodia Cooperating Volunteers you will be provided: stay, airport pick-up, all meals, a special day for travel and guidance, an introduction to the culture of the place, the support of local staff throughout the volunteering , constant meetings for evaluation, final certificate that proves your participation as a volunteer. To participate in one of the different programs, the volunteer will be directed to Phnom Penh (a city characterized by the presence of many travelers and NGO staff) or Siem Reap.

With Cooperating Volunteers, the cost to volunteer in Cambodia starts at € 295 for a period of two weeks. On the beginning and duration, in terms of teaching programs, child care, care of children with disabilities or medical program, begin the third and first Monday of each month. The construction and painting program does not have a mandatory start date, a group of no less than two people is needed to carry out. Volunteers have to arrive in Cambodia on Friday, Saturday or Sunday before Monday that begins their respective program.

The requirements to participate in a volunteer program in Cambodia are greater if you wish to intervene in medical activities. To enter medical programs you must have at least one year completed in said faculty, or in nursing school, or in other related professional training. If you want to be part of the surgery department within the medicine program, you must have a minimum of 3 years of experience. To participate in any other program, just be over 18 years old.

Volunteering in Cambodia: characteristics of the country

Now that we have some information about volunteering in Cambodia and its different programs, it is also important to know a little about this country. Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia, and it borders to the south with Vietnam, to the north with Laos and Thailand and to the southwest with the Indigo Ocean. Currently, its population exceeds 13 million inhabitants, its capital is Phnom Penh and the official language of this country is Khmer.

With respect to the climate, it is necessary to take into account that the country is in an area where the monsoon phenomenon occurs between the months of May to October, which produces a season of heavy rains, August being the month of highest rainfall . As for the temperature, it is very variant, and between the months of May to October it is from 27 degrees to 35 degrees. In the dry season, which is from November to April, the temperature varies between 17 degrees and 27 degrees.

As for its schedule and currency, the difference between Cambodia and Spain is 6 hours later, and its currency is the Cambodian Rail, which is equivalent to 0.0002 euros.

In this country the gastronomy presents a huge variety, using many ingredients and elements in its preparations, such as fish, insects, meat and vegetables. Rice is popular, and we find it in most dishes, using many species to provide flavor.

It has numerous tourist attractions, mainly in the capital of the country, highlighting multiple.

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