How to explore Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc will never disappoint any tourist when taking Phu Quoc tours thanks to its stunning landscape and exciting activities.

Dam Ngang island in Phu Quoc

Dam Ngang island in Phu Quoc

In fact, there is not the exactly straightforward answer how long you should stay in Phu Quoc island since the duration depends on your budget, schedule and how long your vacation in Vietnam last. However, the minimum may be 3 nights and 2 days, which offers you a full day to explore the island & the rest for popping up on the beach or taking a boat out. Some tourists who used to travel in Phu Quoc even reveal that they could stay here 2 weeks without getting bored since Phu Quoc is one of the most wonderful islands not only in Vietnam but also in the world. Here is the suggested schedule for 3 days/2 nights trip.

Day 1 itinerary

Dam Ngang island

Phu Quoc is an ideal place to explore the underwater world since it has the best marine life in Vietnam. Divers will have a chance to observe a variety of marine creatures such as nudibranchs, octopus, scorpion fish, cuttlefish, moray eels, etc. With the turquoise crystalline sea water, Dam Ngang is one of the best spots for diving and snorkeling in Phu Quoc. Especially, this is the location of many ravishingly beautiful coral reefs.  

Fingernail island

The beach is quite small with the evergreen jungle behind. The sand is magnificently smooth and white and the landscape of the archipelago is fabulous, looking like a postcard image.

Bun quay (Stirred vermicelli)

Originating from the central region and brought to Phu Quoc Island in 1995, stirred vermicelli is added other ingredients (squid, fish, etc) to take the taste to the new level. Vermicelli is made from rice flour. The chef puts a paste of ground shrimp, fish and squid into bowls and adds green onions, before pouring broth and starting to stir. Lastly, vermicelli is added. Stirred vermicelli is loved for its natural sweetness and fragrance, which comes from the fresh seafood. Kien Xay store on Tran Phu street is a great place to enjoy this dish.

The night market

Located on Vo Thi Sau street, Dinh Cau Night Market offers a plenty of dining as well as shopping opportunities until late. This pedestrian-friendly market includes about 100 stalls, more than half of which sell food including fresh seafood, snacks, and drinks at reasonable prices. If you like to purchase souvenirs for your relatives back home, go further along the street to find several stalls selling T-shirts, jewelry and handicrafts.

Day 2 itinerary

Situated on the eastern coast, despite being quiet and unassuming, Ham Ninh fishing village has a peculiar bridge, always capturing the attention of tourists and photographers. Running through the center of the village, the bridge creates a perfect symmetry. Standing on the bridge, you will witness how strikingly beautiful the scenery is when Ham Ninh takes the colors shift from red to orange. The sun goes through the horizon and the sun rays reflect across the surrounding water that looks like a mirror. In a short moment, you will feel like as if the sky and water become one and the world seems to be upside-down. Ham Ninh is an extremely marvelous spot to begin your day.

Cau Temple

Dinh Cau Rock, (also called) Cau Temple, is an odd-shaped natural formation. This is the place where local fishermen come to pray before heading out to the sea.  Dinh Cau includes a brightly-colored lighthouse and the Buddhist shrine, making it a common photography spot. Dinh Cau Rock commemorates the goddess of the sea who is believed to provides protection for the local fishermen when they are going to the sea. Standing on the rooftop of Cau Temple, visitors will be rewarded with spectacular views of Dinh Cau Beach,  Duong Dong Town as well as neighboring islets.

Sao Beach

Being about 25 kilometers away from Duong Dong Town, Sao Beach is one of the prettiest beaches in Phu Quoc Island with powdery white sand limited by rocky headlands jutting out into the sea and the crescent-shaped coastline. Setting foot on Sao Beach, tourists will be overwhelmed by the untouched beauty of the beach, which resembles the innocent beauty of a pubertal girl sprucing up on the dressing table.

Phung Hung fish sauce factory

Fish sauce is a key ingredient in any Vietnamese dishes. The attraction of fish sauce comes from its saltiness, aroma and umami flavor. Phung Hung factory which is less touristy than other factories offers visitors the chance to observe the process of making the fish sauce in the traditional method. Let’s come here and you will have a glimpse at Vietnam cuisine.  

Tranh stream

Tranh stream is an ideal place not only for those who like to escape from the bustling modern life but also for the nature lovers to take the recreational activities such as camping, picnicking and bird-watching. If you are looking for something more adventurous, you can hike further up from the main waterfall zone, following along the 15-kilometer stream to reach the Grotto of Bats that houses the beautiful unique stalactites.

Phu Quoc prison

Being operated during the Vietnam War, this detained over 40,000 people, 32,000 of them were the communist soldiers. This war museum features torture instruments, pictures of former prisoners and exhibits of cruel punishments. This prison which is a symbol of the indomitable will of the revolutionary soldiers is a great place to learn more about Vietnam’s history.

Day 3 itinerary

This national park is a complex of jungle, streams, waterfalls, sea, and mountains. In Phu Quoc National Park, the primary forest is still preserved intact while the fauna system is also diverse. Coming here, visitors can be immersed in the beautiful natural landscapes, soak in crystalline blue water and join many exciting outdoor activities.

Safari Zoo

Safari Zoo

Safari Zoo

With over 2,200 precious animals, Vinpearl Safari is the biggest zoo in Vietnam. Visitors will take on the modern electric shuttles to sightsee throughout the park. You will feel you are close to the animals more than ever.

Depending on your budget, schedule and your time in Vietnam, you will make a decision on how long you should stay in Phu Quoc. The longer you are in Phu Quoc, the more chances you have to explore this beautiful island and fill your trip with the marvelous moments. 3 days/ 2 nights tour is great but 4 days/3 nights and 5 days/ 4 nights are good, too. Hopefully, this article is helpful to you.

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