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In a fiercely competitive society like today, in order to survive as a strong business, it has to have the unique product innovation. Therefore, in order to compete and grow our business sustainably, we not only have good quality products but in business, we need unique business ideas. As you know that there is a rule of 80/20 if 100 enterprises are established, 80% of businesses are inefficient after 5 years leading to bankruptcy. The remaining 80% of businesses are in the state of premature death, which means they are on the brink of bankruptcy. What are the cause of such bankruptcy and only one of the few remains? Often in a company that does not constantly innovate but only old business ideas that are obsolete over time, those businesses are slowly falling behind competitors, therefore, unique business idea plays important role in each company.

  1.  What is a unique business idea?

A unique idea must be a special, creative and innovative idea which can be a product, a business model, a production method, or a creative innovation from its product’s system distribution of the business. However, besides the idea of the product is supposed to be the best, we also need to consider the market. You have to make sure that the idea is available in the market because sometimes the product you think is best not actually. The complete absence of competition for a product means that the demand for the product does not exist. In fact, it is rare for an idea to be created that would revolutionize the industry, in which case a product that creates a new industry is scarcer, but there are also exceptional exceptions like billionaire Bill Gates of Microsoft Corporation, Steve Jobs of Apple, Mark Zuckerberg of social networking Facebook. (You can read more at

The best business idea does not mean that the idea will succeed. You have to understand that in a business, people are the most important factor. Therefore, the best idea given to a weak team is that those ideas will be difficult to succeed, but a normal idea is to give a good team of talented people, it will have a higher chance of success. It is the reason why to better understand how to create new ideas, the article would like to introduce the ways in which the most successful people in the world have applied.

  1.  How to create unique ideas?

This is a lifelong question for those who are and will be starting their own business to have a unique new product offering that creates a competitive advantage and your business has a place on the market. In order to survive, businesses must provide services and goods that meet human needs and solve their problems. Therefore, one of a good way to find new ideas is to think about the difficulties people have when addressing their needs or problems, you can find opportunities for ideas if using the following ways.

It is the reason why if you want to have a unique and creative idea for your business, you should refer and check out these ways carefully because they are some of the lessons learned from successful entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and so on. They start with ideas and grow them into mighty companies. In addition, they are all geniuses in finding ideas and creativity in hidden opportunities everywhere

  1.  Best ways to create unique ideas

–  Incorporation

Create new ideas by integrating the two products or services together to create new product ideas based on old ideas.

–  Problem solving

Although there are many issues not too serious, there are issues that must necessarily be resolved. The key to the success of the founders and CEOs is to find the problems and difficulties of the many things around. So what is the problem?

Looking for and finding out about problems which are inconvenient in your daily life or in a certain product or service, you can go online or go to the store and find out the problems. The other person’s lack of confidence is that at least one product or service of a competitor’s business will have at least one problem because there is no perfect product or service.

–  Thinking horizontally

Change the product shape, features, color, and purpose of the product or apart to create a unique new idea about the product.

From the old ideas and the old products, you can create innovative new functions, shapes, thereby making your unique products. In business, you do not necessarily have a good idea but you have to make a difference in your business idea and need a creative entrepreneurial spirit.

Hope that the information above will use and help you while creating a unique and special business idea for your company. Furthermore, if you need more information, you can visit the link to get more.

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