What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Using PDF File Compression?

Portable document format is among the popular ways of storing documents today. Adobe is a recognized company that provides good viewing and editing abilities for PDFs. While this means of storage is ideal for different types of information, it can take up space which can be a barrier, especially if you want to upload the document to send to someone. As a result, people have opted to go for PDF compression.

Generally, there are two types of compression. There’s data compression that entails encoding and altering structured data to take less space when it’s stored in a computer system or external storage. On the other hand, file compression is a division of data compression. You can take either approach to compress PDFs.

Need of PDF File Compression

It would be best if you learned about PDF compression because it is helpful to every computer user. The two primary reasons why you need PDF file compression are

  • Save on space – you can easily save space on your computer by compressing your PDF files because they tend to take less space after the process.
  • Gmail uploads – Gmail has a limit of 25 if you want to upload any document and send it to another email. If you compress these documents, you can attach multiple files and send them instead of sending different emails to the same person.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using PDF File Compression

There are different takes while using a PDF file compressor. To some extent, it will be helpful, but it might have some downside. Let’s consider both.


Some of the advantages of PDF file compression includes

  1. Increase efficiency of your PC – with reduced space consumption, and your computer will not hang or freeze because it’ll be free from loaded documents, which will improve the performance and efficiency.
  2. Improves file integrity – compressed files are difficult to corrupt, which increases their integrity.
  3. Easy transfers – since the file’s space will be lesser, it can quickly be sent.
  4. A web page or email accessibility – compressed files take less space which makes uploading them easier.


Some downside of using PDF file compressors are

  1. Must be uncompressed – some people are not aware of compression, and it might be difficult for them to unpack the file.
  2. Unencrypted might occur – encrypted files in a compressed file might be unencrypted when the file is unpacked.
  3. Some files get a bad rap – some compressed files can save themselves as ‘.exe’ if you don’t use the right tool, which changes the document’s format.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a top tool that is reliable in editing and viewing PDF files. The tool can perform several functions on your PDF file, including adding texts, sticky notes, and drawings. It also gives multiple editing on PDFs such as merging, splitting, rotating pages, deleting pages, and reordering pages. Other than compressing PDFs, it also has a spot for converting PDFs into different formats.

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