Outlook PST Repair Tool: Best Alternative to Inbox Repair Tool(Scanpst.exe) Limits

About Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe)

Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe is an inbuilt executable application provided by Microsoft itself that resides in the installation folder of MS Office and is meant to repair a damaged Outlook PST file. In general, if you are looking to run this tool, you are required to unhide it; in simple words, you must find it since it is hidden. For the purpose of doing this, first, you shall have to enable Show hidden files and folders option. Usually, the location of this particular file happens to be in the C:\ or the drive in which the Office has been installed and the path is something like this.

outlook pst repair tool

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OfficeX, where X could be either 12 or 14 depending on the version of the Windows OS or the version of MS Outlook itself. Additionally, the location might also vary depending on what bit of system you are using (32 or 64-bit computer system). You can also search for the same using Windows inbuilt search. Notwithstanding, if still there is no sign of the tool in the system, then one can download and install Inbox repair tool Scanpst.exe absolutely for free from the official Microsoft site. By default, it will get installed at a particular location in the system that you can change according to your convenience. Generally, the tool’s icon is represented by a broken envelope.
Now coming to how to repair a damaged PST file using the tool. First of all, search Inbox repair tool and execute it by double clicking. Then just browse the corrupt Outlook file for scanning. After scanning gets over, click on the repair button for the tool to start the repair work accordingly.

Limitations of Inbox repair tool Scanpst.exe

In spite of all the evens, Inbox repair tool lacks something because of why it is not suitable for all kinds of situations that occur in MS Outlook every now and then. Below listed are some of the limitations this tool has
  • Efficiency is limited to repairing PST file header
  • Can’t repair an excessively damaged PST file
  • Cannot recover PST items such as emails, contacts, calendar
  • Unable to repair files that are oversized
  • Location issues, many people stuck with this issue
  • Deletes those data or items which it cannot identify after scanning
If one tries to repair a severely corrupt with the use of Inbox repair tool, then he or she is likely to suffer the only failure and error messages delivered itself by the tool such as…
  • Scanpst.exe – entry point not found
  • Inbox repair tool not responding
  • Scanpst.exe is not working
  • Scanpst.exe fatal error: 0x80040900
  • Inbox Repair Tool: An Error Has Occurred
  • Scanpst.exe not responding
  • Alternative for Inbox Repair Tool Scanpst.exe
If you are too suffering from the impact of Outlook PST corruption, tried Scanpst.exe but doesn’t work, then we have a solution for you. And that is professional PST Repair software which has carved a niche for itself in the field of Outlook repair and recovery. The comprehensive software has been developed keeping in mind various kinds of issues occurring in Outlook due to which a user suffers the agony of data loss and such.
Further, it is way too better than the inbuilt tool since it doesn’t have the limitations mentioned above, for example, it can repair extremely corrupt PST files without getting stuck or yielding errors etc. Moreover, there are no issues as the inability to repair an oversized PST; in fact, the tool can split and repair a file as big as 20 GB! Additionally, the third advantage that you get is that it can also let you access an encrypted PST file whose password has been either lost or forgotten. So, you see it is a multi-purpose tool in itself.

Other Features of PST Repair software are mentioned below.

  • Ability to repair a corrupt PST file, split oversized one and recover password of an encrypted file
  • Can recover deleted emails and mailbox
  • Powerful scanning lets user recover any sort of data
  • Preview feature for showing the preview of the recoverable items
  • Recovers all kind of items from a PST file such as emails, calendar, appointments, notes, journals etc.
  • Interactive user interface.
  • Selective recovery option is also available. It lets you search for a particular email or another item from the list of recoverable items.
  • Support for all MS Outlook versions including 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 etc.
  • Compatible with Windows versions like Win 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 etc.
Hence, if you are going through the painstaking job of repairing and recovering PST file and nothing good is coming out, PST repair software is the ultimate search for you. Download PST Repair Software and retrieve corrupt Outlook PST file easily and efficiently.

Frequently AskedQuestions:: Inbox repair tool Scanpst.exe

Ques:- Is it possible to repair over-sized PST files using Inbox repair tool Scanpst.exe?
Ans:- Obviously, you can easily repair over-sized PST files or extremely corrupt files of Outlook using this Inbox repair tool Scanpst.exe. This comprehensive software has been specifically developed for this purpose as inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool fails to repair large size PST files in Outlook. So, if you have got PST files greater than 2GB then you must use this trustworthy software. It will easily split large sized files into smaller fragments and safely repair the damage.
Ques:- Does Inbox repair tool Scanpst.exe supports Outlook 2010?
Ans:- Yes, Inbox repair tool Scanpst.exe is one such tool which is developed with the latest technologies and supports all Outlook versions starting from Outlook 97 to Outlook 2010. So, if you have got damaged PST files in Outlook 2010 then you don’t need to worry anymore as this comprehensive tool will easily repair your damaged files and resolve entire issues.
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